Recipe Serie #6 : summer colors

Hello every one !  Today is about fewd with the weekly Recipe Serie. As sun is back, vegetables are numerous and their bright colors make them so yummy, so I thought about sharing with you two super easy and healthy recipes with the same basic ingredients : olive, feta, tomato and pepper. With those ingredients we are going to make a cake and a salad. When I do a cake, a pizza, a quiche… I like to serve it hot with a cold side dish like a salad because I find the hot / cold contrast interesting, because it’s healthier, and because I suck with proportions I aways buy too much quantity of ingredients and instead of throwing away the leftovers I put them together, add salad, seasoning, and voilà the salad is made !

Let’s get started with the cake !


You will need : 

-4 eggs ( disclaimer : organic eggs are better because hens are badly treated in the intensive farming and I don’t approuve those methods )

-250g of flour ( I use gluten free one )

-250ml of cream ( low fat is better, you can replace it with soy cream )

-feta ( already diced is more practical, you can replace it by lactose free cheese, but it’s not a feta cake anymore;. If you don’t like feta you can put any cheese you like, mozzarella bolls, diced goat cheese… )

-olive ( green ou black depending which one you prefer, and without the core )

-cherry tomatoes ( I prefer little ones )

-pepper ( green, red or yellow, whatever you prefer )

-salt, pepper, herbs ( I’ve used basil )

Break the eggs in a large bowl, beat them, add salt pepper, herbs and cream, then stir. Add the flour spoon by spoon and stir vigorously. Add the feta ( diced ), the olives ( I’ve cut them in two ), cherry tomates ( I’ve also cut them in two ), then slice the pepper and put the slices in the bowl. Mix everything and put it in a cake pan then right in the oven at 190C° for approximatively 30min. It can be more or less depending on your oven. To see if it’s cooked put a knife in it, if the blade is clean it’s baked, if not well you have to let it in the oven a little bit longer. This is it for the cake.



For the salad if think that nothing simpler exists : take the rest of cheese, olive, tomato, and pepper, add salad ( I like the arugula one ), the seasoning you prefer ( vinegar, olive oil, lime juice, some herbs, spices…) and it’s done ! This type of salad is called a Greek Salad, but usually there also is octopus in it, but I think it’s weird to eat octopus haha.

Well this it for this article, I hope you liked it. Let me know if you tried those recipes, and what type of dish you like to eat during the summer. I wish you a very good day, see you soon ! XOXO

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