S/S 2016 inspirational looks

Hello guys ! Today is about fashion. In one of my previous article I’ve talked about this S/S trends, and I thought it would be relevant to share with you some ideas of looks as an inspiration. Of course we all have different tastes, and our own personality. The items I will talk about are not meant to be buy, their purpose is to inspire you so you can embrace your own look. I tried to find affordable items, there are from Zara because the S/S collection of the brand looks a lot like the S/S collections saw on the catwalks.

Tops : Blue and white stripes are trendy, and show off your collar bone is sexy. You have to embrace the lace, and to bloom !

Pants have to be large, comfy, in a soft light fabric, and culottes are the perfect shape. And because the fabric is not too heavy, wearing black is right :


Shoes are not a detail, they complete the look, so choose them carefully ! Metallic shades to shine, and flats are fashionable, and suede is coming back : 

Summer nights can be chilly so a trendy blazer or a bumper are necessary ! Light pale shades and asian inspired print for an original touch, or a more classic look, with a Chanel inspired tweed jacket, worn with a pair of jeans to break the style : 

Hand bag ! Large tote for the beach, or a little clutch for the night : 

Last but not least : accessories ! Earrings are pendant, checkers are rockers, and sunnies mean to be seen : 

This is it for this article guys, I hope you liked it and that you found it useful. Once again, yes it’s from Zara but you can find similar items at Mango, Topshop, on Asos… and if you have more money you can go on websites such as MyTheresa or NetAPorter. Don’t forget that fashion goes on, but style and taste remain. So find your own personality, wear the clothes you like and don’t copy what you see, copying is not a way to express yourself. Though you can find inspiration anywhere,  keep your eyes and mind open, there is so much to discover !

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