Recipe serie #5 :tiramisù alle fragole e cioccolato ( healthy version )


Hello guys ! Last week I’ve posted a pizza recipe, and today there is the dessert ! There is always room for dessert, but it’s better if it’s healthy because you won’t feel guilty eating it, and your stomach won’t make 6 hours to digest it. Tiramisù is the typical Italian dolce, usually made with cakes imbibed in an espresso, a mascarpone cream and cacao powder on top. But sunny days are coming, and with them the seasonal fruits, including strawberries. So I thought about making a tiramisù with strawberries and to forget about the espresso. I’ve replaced it by a hot chocolate. It would make the dessert lighter and more adapted to the season. Plus, when giving you the « classic » ingredients, I will also share healthy alternatives because health is important guys, pleasure as well, and both are possible !


This recipe is for 4 persons. You will need :

-250 grammes of mascarpone ( I’ve used lactose free mascarpone )

-2 eggs ( from my grandparents farm, organic ones are better )

-1 tbsp of vanilla extract ( instead of sugar, but you can use stevia )

-1 package of lady fingers ( I’ve used gluten / lactose free ones found in an organic store )

-cacao powder ( 100% cacao, nothing else added )

-250 grammes of strawberries ( from a nearby producer, organic products are better because they don’t contain pesticides )

-1 mug of hot chocolate ( add boiling water to your cacao powdered voilà ! An healthy hot chocolate )


To begin, make the hot chocolate, then dip the lady fingers in it. Put them in a pan. Put the egg yolks in a bowl and stir them with the vanilla extract. Add the mascarpone by little amount and stir vigorously because mascarpone has an heavy consistance.  Beat the egg whites in another bowl and them to the preparation. Stir agin and pour half of the mixture on top of the lady fingers. Then add the strawberries, previously cleaned and cut, add the other half of the cream and sprinkle the top with cacao powder. It’s done ! Really easy and fast. You can replace the strawberries by any fruits that you like, add some mint for more freshness, some people like to add basil…

For an individual form, you can make tiramisù in a glass. It’s the same principle : lady fingers at the bottom, then cream, strawberries, cream again and cacao powder, or strawberries again like the picture just under.



This is it for this recipe, I hope you liked it and that you will try it at home. Buon Appetito, arrivederci ! XOXO

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