Recipes serie #3 : clafoutis aux cerises ( gluten free, lactose free, sugar free alternative )

Hello guys ! As sun is coming back I thought about sharing with you a recipe that is usually done when sunny days are back, mostly because cherries, which are the main ingredient of this recipe, are a fruit that tastes better during spring and summer ( such as tomatoes and strawberries ).

If there’s one general advice I can give you is that whatever you cook, use products from the
season. Don’t try to eat tomatoes in December, it would be disgusting. Each season has its products, and it’s very important to respect the work of the nature.

OK that’s it for the disclaimer haha ! Let’s jump into it (eat ). As always with me, proportions are approximative because I don’t mesure when I cook, so instead of giving you wrong proportions I prefer being honest with you and leave you your own judge of your making.



For this cherry clafoutis, which is a typical french recipe, you will need :

Cherries obviously ( but you can use any fruit that you like ), and don’t forget to take cherries without the core !
100 grammes of sugar ( you can replace it by stevia )
100 grammes of flour ( you can use a gluten free one )
3 ( organic ) eggs ( you can replace them by
30 cl of milk ( I use non dairy milk )
You can add vanilla extract if you want, I did.

And that’s it !! Its a very simple recipe, it’s perfect when you have guests and no time to cook a dessert. You start by whipping the eggs, add sugar, then progressively the flour, and finally the milk. Put the cherries in a pan, then add the mixture on top of them. Put it in the oven at 180 C° for 40 to 45 minutes. It depends on your oven, so after 30 min check out your clafoutis, and if it’s not baked continue checking every 5 min. You don’t want it to burn right ?
Personally, I prefer it when it’s still a little bit hot, I don’t like it cold. You can serve it as it is or add some cherries marmelade on top, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream…whatever you like !
You can also replace fruits by vegetables and instead of adding sugar adding salt ( not 100g of salt of course, add less ), instead of vanilla extract put spices or herbs, and you have a savory version which you can serve with salad for exemple.

I hope that you liked this recipe, let me know if you tried this out. If you don’t like cooking, if you don’t like spending 2h in the kitchen, or if you are a debutant, it’s the perfect recipe because you just need 4 main ingredients ( flour, sugar, eggs and milk ) and you can add anything yo want in it !
I wish you a very good day, une bonne dégustation, and I’ll talk to you very soon ! Au revoir !

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