Spring / Summer 2016 fashion trends

Hello guys ! Fashion is my passion, but I’ve realized that not a lot of my articles were actually talking about fashion, so I decided to change that. Today is about sharing with you the Spring / Summer 2016 trends I’ve noticed on the catwalks.
Since there are many different brands, there are many different trends, so I’ve selected the main ones. Indeed, despite the unique identity of each designers and the DNA of each house, every season there are some pieces, colors, fabrics… which look similar in plenty shows.
I’ve picked up 6 noticeable similitudes during last Fashion Weeks :

N°1 : slip outfits


It has became trendy to wear your pyjamas to go out. Well, it’s maybe to much to say that, but indeed lingerie is not only for your bed anymore. Silk and dentelle will be your best friends. For the summer, when it’s very hot, you don’t need much vêtements, so a light dress is adapted for the season. In this picture there are mainly dresses but also a combinaison. Dolce & Gabbana have also shown blue pyjamas with flowers printed on. It was kind of chic actually. Of course be careful not to adopt the total sleep look, put some modern accessories and it won’t look like if you forgot to dress in the morning.

N°2 : metallic effects



The sun is back and not only in the sky, you can wear it ! To rise and shine this season, wear outfits with metallic pieces incrusted in order to reflect the sun rays. But be careful not to make every one blind. Sunglasses will be necessary to admire you.
N°3 : sheer fabrics




It’s hot and you don’t want to sweat, the key is to wear light fabrics, and light colors. White and cream are perfect. But if your clothes are too heavy, it would be useless so it’s better if you choose sheer ones. Not completely transparent obviously, you don’t want to look naked. Everything is in the suggestion, not the showing. There is a difference between sexy and vulgarity.

N°4 : the 70’s come back



I don’t know why I said the come back because every season looks like the 70’s were never gone ! You just have to look what Alessandro Michelle did with the Gucci collection and everything is said. The Miu Miu show was also deeply inspired by these years. It’s a safe value : own large pants, colorful pieces, a well tailored jacket and you can be sure that you will never go out of fashion.

N°5 : ruffles



Ruffles to buffle ! This season it’s all about adding volume but without looking like if you were twice your size. So I correct ; it’s about proportions. Depending on your body type you won’t wear the same thing, but you can wear ruffle any way. You can wear just the top of the bottom with ruffles, or a dress but with a soft material and a sweet color. Avoid heavy fabrics and flashy color block.
N°6 : rainbow stripes



Last but not least : stripes. Ok, we already know that you will tell me. Yes we do, but not his kind of stripes. First there are vertical and not horizontal as the majority of them; second : they are not black and white but colorful, and it’s a pleasure for the eyes. I fell in ove with this Chloé dress, I wish I could have it… Indeed, colors are beautiful, ( it looks like a candy, you know the Arlequin ? ), it’s a long dress which looks very comfortable for the hot days because the fabrics is very light. But what I like the most is the volatility of the dress. You see the model walking and the dress is moving with her, as if it were alive. You embrace the dress, the dress belongs to you, empower you. It’s the kind of outfit that makes you feel confident and beautiful. Even though every one should feel confident and beautiful, no matter what they are wearing.

This is it, I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Tell me which trend you like the most ! I wish you a good day, talk to you very soon !

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