Favorites of the month : April

Hello everyone ! As April is coming to its end, I thought it would be cool to write an article about my favorites of this month. I know it’s not very original because at the term of each month every blogger is talking about its favs. But I won’t make a favorite of the month article if I have nothing to share with you. Since I haven’t been writing for a long time, I’ve discovered things that I want to talk to you about. There are random things, I wanted to do something as diversified as possible, so you will find many different things. I hope you will find it interesting, good reading !
Favorite hot beverage : Starbucks soy chaï tea latte

Image 25-04-2016 at 11.50

Everyone knows Starbucks, and each one of us has it’s favorite beverage. Mine is this one, I was a coffee person, but I’ve became a tea one. It’s an addiction, I drink like 2L of tea each day ! Anyway, the Chaï tea latte was my go to beverage of this winter. I must have ordered a dozen of it.

To be specific,it’s a black tea infused with cinnamon, clove, and other warming spices is combined with steamed milk and topped with foam for the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. I drink mine with soy milk because I don’t tolerate dairy milk. I only use vegetal milks and yogurts. Tell me what’s your favorite Starbucks drink !

Favorite App : Trello

Image 25-04-2016 at 11.51

I’ve discovered this App a couple of weeks ago, and I have to say that my brain relies on it. Indeed, it’s a very useful tool which allows you to plan everything. It’s easy to use, and free, even though there are some tools you have to pay for. But the free version is sufficient, at least for me. You can organize your day, week, month… move the cards with your « to do » things etc… I really recommend it to you if you are not some one who is usually organize because it will force you to be. And if you are a control freak as I am, it will become a necessary tool for you every day tasks.

Favorite song : Chiaro di Luna, by Beethoven 



This is not a song stricto sensu. It’s a melody, a symphony. I love classic music and ballet more than nowadays songs. I find them noisy, agressive, and they give me headaches. Not all of them of course, I’m more talking about the musics you hear in clubs and places like that. I don’t like those places, the ambiance is not me. I’m not boring though haha ! I like having fun with friends, but I prefer when we can hear each other talking. Anyway, I love Beethoven, he and Tchaikovsky are my favorite composers. Piano is one the instruments that touches me the most. It awakes some feelings of mine that only it does. I’ve been listening to Chiaro di luna at night, when I had trouble finding sleep, or when I was working and needing a peaceful sound to open my mind. Even if you’re not someone who usually hears this kind of music, at least try to listen to one of the numerous symphonies that exist. It’s a profound, deep and human experience that every one should live once in its life.

Favorite accessory : My D&G sunnies

IMG_2384 (1)

This is a complete random thing, and we are in April so why sunnies right ? Well, i would have been lost without them ! When it comes to sunglasses, I don’t wait summer to wear them. I’m like Victoria Beckham, Audrey Hepburn or Anna Wintour when it comes to this precise accessory. They are indispensable to me, I have very sensitive eyes so each time I go out, even if the weather is bad, I put them on my nose. And I love them, so I’m bragging. Just kidding. More seriously, sunnies are a real accessory to me, such as a belt or a necklace. And it protects your eyes from the UV, so it’s all about benefits !
Favorite beauty item : L’Oréal Color Riche nail polish « Shocking pink »

Vernis l'oréal

To end this article, I wanted to talk to you about this nail polish. It wad among my beauty stuff for months, maybe years, but I didn’t remembered I had it until a few days ago. I apply it on one nail and boom ! Agreeably surprised, and I end up having it on all my nails. I bought it in the drugstore, it’s very abordable, and the quality is here. L’Oréal is a very good brand in my opinion. Products don’t cost much, the range of products is large and they do their job perfectly. I think it’s because we are in Spring, but I love this pink even though it’s not the kind of color I usually wear. It adds a little bit of punch to your look, and it’s a very pigmented, deep pink. Apply two coats over a base, and a top coat, it will lasts for days. I don’t own much L’Oréal nail polishes, maybe 3, but I think I buy some more. Indeed, I don’t think that Dior or Chanel nail polishes, even if they are beautiful, worth 35Euros. L’Oréal ones cost around 12 boxes, and honestly I don’t see the difference. So if your looking for good quality nail polish yet not expensive for for the L’Oréal ones.

That’s it for this article, I hope you liked it and that you’ve discovered interesting things. I talked about random products, I wanted it to be as various as possible. Let me know if you want more « Fav of the month ». I wish you a very good day, talk to you soon ! XOXO

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