Recipes serie #2 : nouilles sautées

Hello guys ! This is the second article of the recipes serie. Last time I’ve posted a dessert recipe, so today it will be a savory one : nouilles sautées au bœuf et aux légumes. In other words : noodles, beef and vegetables. I’ve puted beef in it because I had guests and they eat meat, though I’ve made another plate without it, as I’m a vegetarian. The picture is not beautiful at all, I admitt haha ! But it tastes delicious, I prommess ! It’s easy to make, but it requires time and organisation.


First you have to cook beef with onions, ginger, salt, pepper and citronella. It has to cook slowly in medium heat. I’ve added asiatic sauce, and let it marinated while I was preparing the rest of the ingredients.

Then, you have to prepare black mushroom. It’s an asiatic recipe, so obvioulsy there are those huge sticky mushrooms in it.I bought them desicated, so I had to rehydrate them then cook them in boiling water for 10 minutes. I did that while the meat was baking. It’s red meat so it has to cook for a long time.

After 10 minutes I’ve added vegetables to the meat (you can add any vegetables that you like). When the mushrooms were cooked I’ve put them with the beef and the rest of the vegetables and reduced the heat at the maximum because everything was cooked, though I didn’t want it to cool down.

Asiatic noodles are made with eggs, and they are quickly cooked. So I’ve puted them in boiling water for less than 10 min, drained them and added them with the rest of the rest of the mixture. Plan to use a very large pan, a wok would be perfect, because in the end with the meat, vegetables and noodles the amount of food is big.

Depending on your taste you can add more or less ginger and citronella. In modesty, my guests loved it, so did I. We ate it with a delicious Château Margaux, and we had a beautiful evening. This meal will enjoy your belly, but it doens’t contain fat, just a little bit of olive oil, so don’t worry you won’t take a gram ! You can replace the beef by any meat you  like, or even fish, sea food, or tofu. You can adapt it depending on what you like.



Let me known if you tried this recipe, and if you like it. Personnaly I love asian food, I’m a noodle addict, so I like to play with this main ingredient, and experiment new recipes by addind anything I think would be tasty with it. I leave you in the kitchen, bonne dégustation !


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