I could read them all day long

Hello everyone ! In this article I will talk to you about two magazines I love reading any time. They don’t treat the same subjects at all, but as someone who is interested in many topics, I like to read diversified revues. Vogue and Stratégies are two magazines that you probably know, especially the first one, which is mainly about fashion. The other one is meant for readers whom principally work in the marketing / communication industry.
I won’t trace their stories, but share with you the reasons why I enjoy reading them.



Vogue est toujours en vogue

Vogue exists for more than a century, and whether you like fashion or not, every one heard about it. Vogue is the first fashion magazine I’ve bought, I can’t remember when it was, though it was years ago. I love it not because fashion is my passion, but because of all the work that’s behind. Indeed, photos are always amazing, articles are written with a professional nonetheless warm tone, it talks about many topics ( beauty, travels, women issues, psychology, culture…). To those who say that it’s a superficial revue made for housewives or silly girls, I reply by saying that you should open it before criticizing. Hundreds of people have worked / are working for Vogue editions ( British Vogue, Vogue Paris, Vogue China…), it’s a billion dollars industry which attracts more and more candidates, and is a source of employment.
When you look inside Vogue pages, there are many photos. You look at them and think « Oh this one’s pretty ! », and you move on to the next page. Just know that it took thousands of dollars to make them, and days of work ( shooting, styling, choosing the ones which will be published and those which won’t…).
I buy Vogue numero each month, it’s a source of inspiration and a call to beauty in this general meaning. I know I want to work in the world of fashion, and the editorial side of it is the one which attracts me the most. Every time I read Vogue it reminds me how deep I want to be a part of it, and it pushes me to work even harder to achieve my dream.

Stratégies pour les stratèges

Stratégies has nothing to do with fashion. It was created in 1971 by Christian Blanchas. He worked in the advertising industry and he went to the EFAP, the communication school I am currently studying into. That’s one of the reason why I’ve started to read this magazine : I wanted to see what someone who did the same studies as I am could do with his life. I was agreeably surprised by its content, because I thought it was exclusively designated to professionals. Well, its not. Of course there are some articles which I don’t understand 100% of the content, but I get the essential out of them.
I receive Strategies every week, and each time I open a new number I’m really excited. Indeed, I know that I will learn many things. It’s the kind of revue you read for pleasure, and when you close it your brain is fuller without you having the impression that you have worked. It’s the perfect combination between learning and enjoy reading.
More over, as I mentioned it earlier, I want to work in the world of edition, so it’s a good way to enrich my culture and to learn the tricks to succeed in the industry.

What I wish you remember from this article is that prejudices can keep you away from many things. You’re a man and you dont’ care about beauty products. Fine. But at least open Vogue once in your life. You will be touched by at least one picture in it if you are human.
You don’t give a damn about communication and the media industry, that’s you’re right. But try to read at least one little article about this field, you will see that it’s a lot more complex than it seems.
Vogue and Stratégies are my favorite magazines because they are complementary : Vogue is my dream, and Stratégies is one of the way I could make it real.

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