My 3 beauty favourites of the moment 

Hello guys !

As promised I am posting a new article, and not 6 months after my last post haha

Anyway, today I want to share with you 3 of the products I’ve been using a lot recently.

To begin with there is the cleansing lotion by Clarins. I apply it on a cotton and clean my face with it every morning and every night ( after removing the make up of course ) since 2 months or so.

I can really see the difference, my skin is smoother and brighter. I still have some redness but the aim of the product is not to treat irritated skins. Its purpose is to clean and boost your skin, and make your face radiant.

I understand what they mean by « energising ». Indeed, while applying it, it feels like your pores were waking up. It’s agreeable and it contains oil, so it doesn’t dry your skin. Last but not least : you don’t need to put a lot of product, so a bottle is enough for a month of use twice a day.

The second product I want to mention is the Dior apricot base for nails. I have very fragile nails and I’ve tried I don’t know how many different strengthening nailpolishes. But even if there were efficient, there wasn’t one that stand out more than the others. Until a few weeks ago when I got this Dior little guy.

Nonetheless is reinforced your nails, but one coat is enough to make them look like if you had a very discreet manicure on. It gives a very nice finish. I love it.

My last beauty essential is the YSL Touche éclat. It exists for years, and Ive always had a good opinion about it. I wasn’t using it that much though. Before, I was going for a concealer, but the finish was too « mat », and I was looking for a glow finish.

So I took my old YSL friend ( you should all have a Touche éclat somewhere in your make up bag ) and it did its job perfectly ! Apply it under the eye, in a triangle shape, on your nose, above your eyebrows, on your chin and on your Cupid bow for an optimal effect. I didn’t even apply foundation on top of it. Just a little bit of Terracotta for shaping my face, some blush to look glowy and fresh, and voilà ! A perfect complexion.

This is it for today, I hope you found it helpful and if you try these products let me know what you think of them ( I’ve purchased them at Sephora ).

I wish you a perfect day, talk to you soon ! Xoxo

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