I’m alive



Oh my god I can’t believe I’ve been gone for so long ! It’s unbelievable how fast time goes… I knew that with school I wouldn’t be able to post articles as often as I used to, but in the end I’ve been posted anything in months !

My studies in communication take most of my time ( ok, all my time ), but last week I’ve passed my final exams so now I have time to live haha ! Though I’m in internship for my studies, so I might not be able to write regularly.

I work as a community manager for the company Cellutec in the south west of France. I’m in the Marketing / Communication service, and these are the two fields I like the most, so what could I ask more ?



Despite my long absence, my blog means a lot to me. Writing is a good way for me to escape, and to feel free. I’m not doing this in order to become famous or because it’s trendy to have a blog. I do this because I like to, wether lots of people read my posts, or no one does.

Anyway, I hope you are all doing great since the last time I talked to you. My life has changed, and for the best. I’ve found my path and I won’t let go. I truly wish you to find your way too. Life is so much easier when you know where you going, but it can be scary because you have things to loose. Just do your best to preserve yourself, never stop learning, discovering, improving yourself.

I leave you to it, and hopefully talk to you soon ! By guys !

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