Save our souls


Hello guys ! I know it’s been forever, sorry, but I had a lot going on lately… Anyway, today I’m back with a particular article. Indeed, it has nothing to do with beauty or fashion, it’s more like a pamphlet about society, the world, and people. This article means a lot to me, because in my opinion there are serious subjects that deserve some of my words. I hope that you will find in my text some truth and hope. Even though I talk about important matters, I don’t want this article to be too heavy; I want to spread as much positivity as I can. I don’t judge any one way f life, I just wanted to talk about subjects which are, in my opinion, our concern.

I leave you to it, enjoy the reading, I will talk to you in my next article. XOXO.


The existence of the human being comes with concerns. Along Centuries, humanity has known many of them, depending on the context of the moment.
History is a reminder of the past, our past, and as we share our human condition, we share the same history.
Though, many of us don’t feel concern about it, they don’t even care about the present, and even less about the future. They think that because they won’t be here in some decades, it exempts them from being responsible.
We are on Earth for a limited period, and we should try to make the most out of it.

History has its legends and its heroes, with Greek Mythology for exemple.
Religion is also a good illustration of what human mind has created in order to find meaning in its existence.
We need those ideals, those stories and those icons to reassure ourselves.
Some people will take them as excuses to justify their acts, some others will see in them a source of inspiration for their own living. It’s all about interpretation, which is a very subjective thing.
Everyone should be free to interpret anything the way they want. We should all be free spirits.
Unfortunately, our opinions are based upon what’s told to us in the news for exemple.
Medias have a huge place in our modern society, which could be great if it wasn’t turned into some sort in propaganda. It’s not surprising to use this word for countries like Russia or China. At least they don’t pretend to be fundamentals democracies.
In too many democratic countries politicians are hypocrites.
Once they are elected, they act as if their legitimacy was absolute, so they don’t have anything to prove anymore.
But being elected means having duties towards the ones who voted for you, and for those who didn’t. It’s called having a people.

Occident is supposed to be the cradle of democracy. Many authors, philosophers or economists, have written about how society should be, about the Great Good, freedom, equality of rights and so on.
There were Rousseau and the direct democracy, Hobbes and the Leviathan, Tocqueville, but also Adam Smith, David Hume or Karl Marx.
They were not all in favor of a pure Democracy -at least they all had their own idea of it- and whether we agree or not with their ideas, at least they were truly seeking and imagining a concrete form of Democracy to put in place for the commun interest.
Now, people who write about our societies and our world are the same standing in front of the cameras, or writing in the newspapers to make the promotion of their new book.
They claim to be “experts”, and to have the cure against misery and unhappiness. They pretend that they can teach us how to be happy. But life is not a machine sells with a notice translated in 100 languages. It’s real, moving, and hard.

From Antiquity to Middle Age, from Renaissance to Modern Times, our planet has known them all.
I’m not sure how our period will be called by historian in Centuries… The Perdition Age maybe, or the Times of the Lost Humanity…
There was a time when people were concerned about how they will survive one more day without food, how they will pass this cold night of December without a candle, or if they will recover from the flew.
Nowadays, we are worry about having the wifi in order to post pictures of ourselves on Instagram, we are worry about the market, oil, industries and so on.
Animals are over killed, petrol is over drained, and humanity has become an overrated word.

I hate to be so negative, it makes me really sad to see how bad things are. But I’m not defeatist, I don’t want to give up on hope. There are still good people, with good intentions, and great ideas.
I’m thinking of researches in medicine, with vaccination for exemple. Maybe one day we will be able to cure cancer and AIDS !
Our ground is dry, but there are brillant persons who found out how to economize water for the irrigation of plants, and also how to produce differently. Salad can now grow in Space !
Our planet is completely polluted, but there are plenty break throughs in matters of alternative energies, with eolian or solar energy.
In a few weeks there will be the COP 21 in Paris about climate, and the importance of reducing the emanation of carbon dioxyde.
I don’t know what to expect, but the fact that rulers of many countries have decided to be part of this project means that at least they are aware of the gravity of the situation.

I don’t pretend to be better that any one else, and that if power would be given to me I would use it perfectly. I’m just someone concerned about its future, about the planet and about humanity.
I’m scandalized by the amount of wastes crowded everywhere, to see how animals are treated in exploitations, about the very bad quality of products in our plates, and about the toxic air we breathe.

Everyone is talking about saving the planet, saving the refugees, saving trees in Amazonia, saving species endangered and so on. But we should save our souls first.
Earth will survive, seeds will find a way to grow, and animals have their instinct of survival.
We have the means to make our Planet a better place for us, for the next generations, and for the ecosystem. Acting the right way shouldn’t be an act of bravery, it should be an automatism.
Most people expect reward in exchange for their services. That’s called having a job. But being responsible, being a citizen, caring about tomorrow… it’s not something we should want to have money for. We should all want to achieve good things, to be at the origin of great projects. Reward won’t be financial. Reward will be in the pride of saying “I’ve done something good, I lived my life fully, and made the most out of it”. Posterity will follow, and you won’t be forgotten.
Generations will remember your name and what you’ve accomplished, and in the positive way.
Let’s just hope that in some decades people won’t remember us as the ones to blame for the loss of humanity, for the replacement of human beings by robots, and for the premature end of the world as we know it.

This text is not a political program, nor a lesson of life. These are the thoughts of a 19 years old girl who is tired to see such a decline; a girl who loves living but whose scared for its future.
I may sound naive by talking about how I hope we will act someday, but I refuse to get trapped in fear and negativism. Each time I read the news it’s to hear bad things. Medias talk about terrorism, unemployment, accidents, inequalities, starvation and so on. This atmosphere makes me suffocated.
Each day is a fight, tomorrow will be hard, but at least I can say that I’ve survived from yesterday, and that today I’m alive. I like this phrase from the movie “Full metal jacket” directed by Stanley Kubrick : “ I’m in a world of shit, yes… But I’m alive and I’m not afraid”. I think it matches perfectly with the situation.
I know that life is hard, but I won’t stop trying to make it easier.
I won’t stop fighting, I won’t stop believing, and I won’t stop living.

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