How to : be ready to come back to school / work

Hello guys ! As August is coming to its end, I thought about writing an article about what’s generally associated to this period of the year, to know the end of holidays andddd going back to school, to work, or like me to college.

In order not to be depressed, I’ve decided to share with you some pieces of advice that worked for me, and I hope will work for you too.

Have a nice reading guys !


Say goodbye to the sea, palm trees, farniente, endless parties and everything you used to do, and say hello to paper work, colleagues, being stuck in the traffic, home works, business reunions, tests and so on ! September is coming, but it’s not a reason to complain. Indeed, being in holidays is invigorating, but going back to real life is not a bad thing. I mean, it’s the principle of holidays :  » A period in which a break is taken from work or studies for rest, travel, or recreation « . So it’s normal that after taking a break well it’s time to go back where you were before. Or not.


Indeed, I do believe that going back to school / work is the perfect way to start over. If you have moved from your old house / apartment, it’s even better. You will have new neighbors, a new environment, people to meet, places to discover, different things to do etc… If you are going back to school and you are not redoubling, it will be a completely different year ! You have grown up, so you are more mature, and you will learn plenty new things. If you are graduate it’s your first year at college, and it’s memorable, trust me haha ! And if you have a job well maybe your colleagues won’t be the same, or maybe your work will be different too. In all those cases, there will be people you will be happy to see : your friends, your closest colleagues…


You have to be optimistic about your future, about what your life is going to be. You just have to be determined to do your best, to improve yourself, to make efforts to integrate and there are many chances that your life will be pretty much the way you want it to be. Of courses there will be unexpected things, but it’s for the best. A life without surprise doesn’t worth being lived. Routine is death to me. I like to have my habits, my landmarks, but I also need to let some blanks in my schedule, in my mind, and leave place for the unknown. So don’t freak out about  » not being ready « , it’s just in your head, plus we never are a 100% ready fo anything.


What I recommend you to do is simply to take time for yourself. A few days before going back to school / work, enjoy the few free time you have left to sleep, to do a face scrub, to get a massage, to spend the day shopping, going to the movie, spend time with your family and friends… Do everything you won’t have time to do when your holidays will end.

I think that it’s also important to spend time on your own. Indeed, it will allow you to make the point and to be in the quiet. With the effervescence at work, at school or wherever you will be, your ears and your head will beg for one thing : silence. And it will be hard to get ! So enjoy some of your free time to be alone, in the quiet, spend the day in your pyjamas if you want to, eat chips all day of you want to, whatever pleases you.

What I like to do is to buy new clothes and go to the hairdresser before the D Day. Having a new closet and a new face help me to start over. I have the impression to be a different person, and I find it very helpful to have a fresh start. Personally I will move in a new apartment, and I will go to a new college. I don’t know any one there, and courses will be completely different from everything I’ve learned before. I’m so eager to start you can’t imagine !

Anyway, when the fateful day will arrive, I truly hope that everything will be OK, that you will meet incredible people and learn many things. It’s human to be nervous, and wishing to stay in holidays a little bit longer ( or forever ), but life is not always the way yo want it to be. It’s not about ourselves, it about everyone, and one thing might be good for some one and not for you. You don’t have to live it as a failure, but as a lesson that teaches you how to be stronger, wiser, and how to live your life fully.

I wish you good luck, wherever you are, whoever you are, and whatever you will do, because no matter where we are from, where we live and where we will be, we all belong together, and we share feelings, thoughts, and doubts. We all know how hard it is to survive, but if we survive it means that we are alive, and to me it’s the most incredible thing. So enjoy it, you are lucky to be on this planet, don’t waste your time in complaining, life is too short to have regrets.

I will talk to you in my next article, until then I wish you a happy future.

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