How to : Make up the right way

Hello guys ! This article is the second of the serie  » How to « . Today I’ve decided to talk about beauty. Indeed, most of women use make up every day, but not all of us know how to use it. It’s problematic because make up is supposed to put our assets forward, and for many women it has the opposite effect. A make up wrongly applied or a product used on someone who doesn’t need it can be dramatic. So, in this article I will quickly talk about the basis when it comes to make up. I’m not a professional, but my mom is and I’m very interested in cosmetics, so the advices that I will give to you are verified and approved haha ! I hope you will find this article helpful, I wish you a good reading.


  • Foundation : To begin with, let’s talk about the face. Most of women think that in order to have the perfect skin they must apply foundation. It’s a received idea. If you are young and a skin without any particular imperfections you don’t need foundation. It will obstruct your pores and then you will have blackheads and other skin problems. If you are a mature woman, foundation is not recommended, it will get into your wrinkles and accentuate them. A too heavy powder will have the same effect. For both of those cases, a BB cream is enough, and even just a concealer applied on the specific zones of redness or on a specific button is all you need. A little bit of blush on your cheeks and bronzer on your temples and that’s it !                                                                                                                    If you have a skin with more than a few imperfections you can use a foundation, but choose the color very carefully. Never ever buy a foundation without testing it on your hand, and don’t hesitate to ask the seller for help. You don’t want to be orange. And because there is nothing more ridiculous than someone with a face color that doesn’t match the color of the neck, take the foundation down to your neck, and use a brush to apply it. Take the time to smudge it out properly, you definitely want to avoid any marks ! Don’t apply a huge amount of product, less is more. If you see that there is not enough of it, add a little bit more, but do it step by step. We all have a specific skin tone, so maybe you will need two different products to melt together in order to obtain the perfect color for your skin. Depending on your skin type, there are foundations with different textures. Some are more liquid than others, some are smoother. No matter what kind of product you have, THE rule is not to overdo your face, you have to stay natural guys !                                                                                                                If you have major skin issues such as acne, I don’t recommend you to wear foundation, or anything on your skin, that is not approved by a dermatologist or a doctor.
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  • The eyes : There is a fundamental thing to know, not all the colors suit you. Indeed, whereas you have blue, green or brown eyes you can’t wear the same shades. A good thing if you have brown eyes : you can wear pretty much every colors. It will depend on the under tones of your eyes, but if they are deep brown, almost dark, you can go ahead and put anything you want ! That’s being said, don’t wear every colors at the same time. Play on light / dark shades. For exemple, blue or green will make the brown eyes pop out. Use a light blue ( or green ) on the inner corner, a medium one on the center of your eyelid, and a darker one on the outer corner. Of course you need to blend the colors so they will create a dégradé without any sharp demarcations between the shade.                   If you have green eyes, know that purple, burgundy, plum and all the colors of these kind of shades are perfect for you. It will make your iris look deeper, more intense.                                                                                                                          If your eye color is blue, know that warm tones such as bronze and even orange are the ones for you. Don’t be afraid, there are plenty of different orange colors. A luminous grey will also suits you.                                                                               When it comes to brown shades, no matter what is your eye color, they are good for every one ! A brown smokey is, to me, THE first thin you need to know how to achieve. Indeed, it suits every eye color, every eye shape, and when you know how to do it, you cana chief the look in less than 10 minutes. Because there are hundreds of brown shades, wearing a smokey doesn’t necessarily means going out. If you choose light colors and if you apply them with parsimony you can totally wear it at work, at the college or whatever. You can also easily turn it into a night make up : just add a darker color at the outer corner, a black liner, one more coat of black mascara and voilà !!!                                                                          Speaking of eyeliner, it’s the second most important thing to know how to achieve, and depending on your eye shape you can’t do any type of liner. Not every one has the face to wear a cat eye à la Sofia Loren. Such a shame…
  • MTE1ODA0OTcxNzA0Mjg4Nzgx
  • Lips : To finish I will talk about the lips. To me, a look is not complete without a lipstick. Or a gloss, but I’m more a lipstick person. Anyway, depending on the shape of your lips you can’t wear everything. Indeed, if you have thin lips, dark shades are not recommended. They will make your lips appear even smaller. What you can do is draw your lips with a nude pencil, then fill it with a nude lipstick, but not a mate one. You can add some gloss on the middle of your upper and lower lips, it will make them appear bolder. If you have « normal » lips, you can wear anything you want. If you have big lips and assume them you can defiantly wear dark colors, but be careful not to overdo them, and to have a light make up on your eyes, because you can easily look vulgar. No matter what shape are your lips, don’t try to make them appear different from their natural shape. It will be noticed and you won’t look natural at all. I personally love deep red lipstick, so glamorous and atemporal. Depending on the make up you have no your eyes don’t do too much on your lips. Either you want to play with the lips, either on the eyes, but not both. For exemple, if you have a dark smokey eyes, go for a nude lipstick, with very light pink undertones. If you have just mascara or a thin liner, you can choose to wear plum, red and other deep colors. Don’t use a pencil that doesn’t match your lipstick. If you want to wear funky colors such as a bright pink or an orange, go easy on the eyes. Depending on the color of your skin you can’t wear any type of colors. For exemple, if you have a very light skin tone avoid purple colors, you will look like a dead body. If you are red head and have freckles, avoid orange tones, and if you are black avoid brown ones. Also, whatever your skin tone is, never apply a lipstick lighter than your lips natural color. It will make your lips disappear, and give your face a weird aspect.

Last piece of advice : don’t hesitate to practice at home. If you have some time off, take your make up and apply it. Try different combinaisons of colors, different ways t wear the same product etc… After all, make up artist is a job, it means that it requires time and exercise to know what suits you, and to achieve a good, proper make up.


This is it for this article ! I hope you liked it, and never forget : the real beauty is inside. I will talk to you in my next article. Bye guys !

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