How to : wear patterns.

Hello guys ! In today’s article I’ve decided to launch a new series untitled  » How to « . This serie will be about different subjects, from fashion to beauty, from cooking to traveling etc… To start this serie I’ve chosen to write about how to style patterns.

For the most of us, it’s unthinkable to wear different patterns in the same outfit. I don’t know many people who would mix stripes and dots, go out serenely and won’t catch the attention. But it doesn’t mean that you have to wear only plain black and white clothes, and grey ones sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I like wearing neutral colors, it never goes out of fashion, always simple classic and chic. But time to time I like to add a pop of color, it can be with an outstanding accessorize like a statement bag, a huge necklace, or THE pair of stilettos. It’s more complicated when it come to pick up a clothe out of your comfort zone. There is always this fear to look like a clown or a scarecrow. In this article I will try to prove you that you can definitely wear printed clothes, even mix them together, and be stylish. I hope you will find this article useful and dare to wear different things.


This is a picture of the Manish Arora 2015 Fashion Show. As you can see, models are wearing many different colors, clothes are made with different fabrics, and none of them is wearing plain things. It doesn’t mean that they are ridiculous. Indeed, colors are from the same family : pastel. Pastel tones are an easy way to break with the black and white routine without wearing neon colors. If like me you want to wear colors but not too bright ones, pastel is THE answer. Indeed, it’s easy to wear, and completely mixable. As for the texture, you can choose different fabrics for the same outfit, it will give ambivalence to your outfit. For the accessories, models have caps, colorful ones obviously, and silver shoes. The trick is when your outfit contains that much informations, the rest of it must be simple. Indeed, shoes are silver but they are plain. Models don’t have much jewels either. It depends on what part of you outfit you want to make pop out. So be very careful not to give too much informations in order to focus on one part of the outfit. For the rest of it keep it simple but not banal.


This is a picture from the Mary Katrantzou’s collection. She’s a Greek stylist well known for her uncommon pieces. She recently made a collaboration with Adidas. Anyway, I really like her creations. They are futurists and fresh, though the cut of some pieces are very classic. Indeed, she can make a sheath dress, a cape, or even a sizers skirt, but it will never be the « normal » way. As you can tell, prints are anything but classic. This is what makes each of her collection unique. Pieces are very well tailored so they suit every silouhette. What you need to be careful about is the print. Indeed, depending on your body shape you can’t wear everything. If you are curvy, avoid to wear horizontal stripes and dots. Prefer liberty prints, and soft colors like a light blue, coral and pastel tones. Bright colors will make you appear larger. If you are short try not to wear mid skirt without heals. If you are tall and slim you can allow pretty much everything.


Olivia Palermo is one of my favorite It girl. I think that I’ve never found one of her outfit not of my taste. She has this « thing » that only people with good taste have : she always knows how to mix clothes together, even the ones we would never have the idea to wear together. This photo proves that to you : she’s wearing a blouse and a long skirt with two different patterns and brown shoes. The trick is to wear this outfit with simple accessories. She has a black clutch, her shoes are in natural leather, her belt is black as well, she doesn’t wear many jewels, her hairs are wavy and untied, and her make up is fresh and neutral. Wearing a simple make up is very important when your outfit is made of printed pieces. As for her outfit, the blouse and the skirt are pretty much made in the same kind of fabric, very fluid and aerial. It gives to the all a lightness that balanced the heavy side of the outfit.


Anna Dello Russo is well known in the fashion industry for her uncommon outfits. Indeed, no matter the occasion and the amount of people present, you will always see her stands out. That is defiantly due to her choices of outfits. I’ve chosen this picture of her among all the other ones because she’s not only wearing colorful clothes, her accessories are anything but simple as well. With this photo I wanted to show you that if you pick up the right things and that you assume your choices you can totally rock it ! Indeed, looking confident and assuming your outfit is the first thing to think about before going out wearing what you’re wearing. If you are uncomfortable people will notice it and you won’t be remarked for the good reasons. Anna Dello Russo has chosen to pair a velvet blouse and a mid skirt with flowers in 3D. Her shoes are in a bright green and her clutch has flowers details on it. Though, all paired together it rocks ! Such as Olivia Palermo she opted for a simple hairdressing. She’s wearing black sunglasses, so it’s not like if she had a colorful make up. Her lips are neutral too. The trick is that her shoes are green, yes, but plain, and there is green on her skirt as well. The blouse is only in one color, and the flowers on her couch are a reminder of the flowers on the skirt. Moreover, the 3D flowers are in a light pink, it looks like cotton candy to me. It moves with the wind which gives it a volatile side.

The most important things you should remember from this article are that you can definitely wear and mix prints, you just have to be careful to wear ones that suit you. Then, of you decide to catch the attention on your clothes, go for simple accessories and make up. If you clothes are from the same family of color you can wear different fabrics. But if you’re wearing colorful pieces that doesn’t match, opt for the same type of fabric, preferably soft and aerial one, such as silk. Wear a pair of heels, it will elongate your silhouette, because pattern intend to pack you. Last but not least : be self confident. It’s the key to stand out, no matter if you’re wearing a plain black outfit of a printed pink one.

I hope you liked this article and remember that the most important is to wear clothes that you like, that you feel comfortable in, that allow you to be yourself, to express who you are. Don’t be too concerned about what people might think, as long as your outfit is decent you are free.

I will talk to you in my next article guys, until then enjoy life !

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