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Hello guys ! In this post I wanted to share with you my Wishlist of the moment. I’ve selected a bunch of random articles. I hope you will discover new things, and find a way to get them as quick as you can if you are interested. I would like to have them all very soon, but it represents a budget, and right now I’m trying to save money. I said  » I’m trying  » haha ! No, it’s very important to have priorities, and September is coming, which means that I have to be cautious : having enough money to pay for a private school and to pay a rent is more important than having clothes. That’s being said, it’s a Wishlist, so I will wait until I have enough money, or I will order some items for my birthday ( 4th of October ). I just have to be patient… Thug life — »

Anyway, I stop complaining and start writing !

I’m a high heels kind of girl, that’s probably because I’m short, and since I’m an adult I’ve come to the conclusion that I will never be as tall as I would like to sooooo… l got into stilettos ! But they are not wearable in every occasions, and sometimes wearing sneakers is the only wise option. I used to wear Converse for years, but I got bored of them. So I tried Vans, I have several pairs of them, and I really like them, especially my champagne ones :


They are very comfy and I like their originality. I’ve never saw anyone with the same pair. And that’s what I like because so many people wear Vans, and I wanted something different. For months now the trend is to wear New Balance, and I didn’t want to get into it. I didn’t find any model nice, until yesterday !

I was on Asos looking at their novelties, and I saw them :


I instantly fell in love with those ! And now I want them so badly… But they cost 126 Euros so let’s say that I will wait to buy them. I love the gold details, the color of the leather is original, and the  » N  » is surrounded by golden seams. You can wear them with jeans, shorts, and I see them with a little white skirt and a Lacoste polo. I think I will buy them for sales if they are still available, or after my birthday with some of the money I will get. ( or my parents will offer them to me. Yeah, I’m an awful daughter ).

Now, let’s move on to clothes. I used to wear jeans and pants a lot, but I got out from my comfort zone and began to wear dresses. I went to Zara a few weeks ago, and I saw this cute dress :


I love the collar, it’s kind of preppy style. I also really like the color, it’s sweet and soft, perfect for the summer time. The texture of the fabric is really nice too, and the price is not extravagant. For all those reasons I think I will buy it eventually if I go back to Zara and there is my size. I see this dress with a pair of pointy toes high heels, a ballerina chignon, a tote bag and a pair of sunglasses.

Speaking of which, look at these :


These beauties are from the new collection of Dolce&Gabbana eyewear. D&G is my favorite Italian brand, and the majolica blue pattern has conquered my heart. This pattern was every where in this season’s collection : dresses, tops, bags, swimwear, accessories, and as you can see eyewear. This print makes me think of Chinese porcelaine. I find this pair very refined, I like the shape of it, and I think it gives a sort of nonchalance to the person who wears them. I wish it would be me haha. It costs what a pair of a luxury brand sunnies would cost, so it’s expensive but not outrageous. Don’t know if I’ll get the chance to have them…

The houndstooth print is in my opinion an atemporal. Indeed, it exists for more than a century and it always come back on the catwalks. Of course the shape and the color of it changes, but the classic black and white never gets old fashioned. I have clothes with this pattern, but not accessories. And a few days ago I saw this on the Zara’s website :


It’s a little bag, big enough for a phone, a wallet and a lipstick, so the perfect size for a night out, a dinner or if you just don’t want to be bothered by a huge tote bag when you don’t need to carry many stuff. I like the silver chain, and the shape of the bag reminds me of the Chanel one :


The price is really not the same though haha. The Zara one is not that pricy, so I think I will get them if I have the occasion.

Like I said, this bag is perfectly sized for a lipstick, and Christian Louboutin released new beauty articles. He recently started to sell nail polishes, which are amazing, especially the classic red one which is inspired by the red color of the Louboutin’s famous red soles :


A few days ago, he revealed a collection of lipsticks which are all beautiful, as you can tell :


The packaging, the colors, everything is wonderful, except for the price : 90$. It’s more expensive than Dior beauty products for exemple. I was choked by the price which is not justify in my opinion. Yes they are beautiful, but they are lipsticks, not a pair of Louboutin’s stilettos ! Anyway, if someone wants to offer one of them to me I won’t say no, but I won’t buy any of them if the price is still that high.

Last but not least, perfume. Indeed, it’s not conceivable for me to spend a day without perfume on. It’s like brushing my teeth or going to the shower : it’s essential for me to wear perfume, even if I spend the day at home. My mom works in cosmetics, so I have the chance to have plenty beauty products ( expect Louboutin ones ) and fragrances. I have tested tens and tens of different fragrances, and I’ve just finished my Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. So I’ve been wondering which one will come next. I’ve opened a little bottle of Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet that I had in stock, and I’m already thinking about what comes next. A few weeks ago my mum brought me a sample of the Escada Turquoise Summer perfume in limited edition, and I really liked it. I never wore an Escada perfume, but I intend to do it with this one.


This is it for this article, I hope you liked it. I’m eager to see if I will be able to get some of those items ! But like I said at the beginning, these are not necessities, they are things I want to have to please myself and sometimes it’s feels nice to offer to ourselves things we like. It sheers you up ! Anyway, everything is good to find an excuse in spending money haha ! I hope you are spending marvelous holidays, and if you’re at work or anything else I wish you the best.

I will talk to you in my next article, XOXO.

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