Hello guys ! I know I have not written an article since forever, but I was in holidays. Indeed, I went to the Ile d’Oléron, a little French Island in the Atlantic Ocean, a few miles from the continent. I wasn’t far away, like 3 hours from home, but this break was needed. The hotel was great, the room was huge- bigger than the appartement I’ve had last year- the beach was on the other side of the road, and there are 2 pools, including a covered one, a jacuzzi and a hammam. So even when the sun wasn’t shining we were able to swim and to relax. I miss the jacuzzi so muuuuch… I’ve been eating ice cream and crêpes the entire journey, I went to shopping (obviously) and I came home on Sunday, 4 days after my arrival. It wasn’t a long break, but it felt good.


Anyway, now I am back and ready to write again ! When I was in the Ile d’Oléron, I was impressed by the quantity of cafés and restaurants. My parents and I went to a different restaurant each evening, and each time we were disappointed. Prices are getting higher, but the quality and the taste of the meals are not here. You pay 10 Euros a salad with canned crudités, half of the ingredients used in meals are from the supermarket, and a restaurant makes pizzas, seafood, pastas, and other « specialties », but they are not specialized in anything if they make things that have nothing to do together ! So in the end their « specialities » are nothing but a joke, they just put already cooked ingredients in plate and serve it to you for 3 times or more the price it costed them.

I was so blase and angry that I’ve decided to go to the restaurant less often, but going to good restaurants, with a real chef, a real menu and a real sense of gastronomy. I’m not saying that I will go to restaurants like the Louis XV in Monte Carlo from now on, but I can guarantee that I won’t myself being fooled again in low end places.

More over, with a little practice I’m convinced that I can make some meals on my own, with a lower cost and a better taste. Indeed, I can make salad by myself for less than 10 box, I can make delicious pastas like Italian’s mammas, and I am damn good in making desserts !

This article was a disclaimer about how the field of restauration is not what it was anymore, and as a French citizen it makes me sad. Indeed, France is the cradle of gastronomie, and now it’s values and fundamentals are flouted. We don’t respect anything, including our own culture, we don’t even respect each other, and in this insolent world I wanted to write, it gives me the illusion that I am free to express myslef even if not a lot of people read my article. The point is not to make numbers, but to make words, sentences and in the making of my articles to think. Those moments of reflexion are rare and priceless, they worth more than all the sterile debates we see on Tv or hear on the radio between people from the same world.

Anyway, I’m away about the fact that this article is not my most funny, distracting one, but I believe that it’s important to talk about things when they disturb us. beauty and fashion are my passion, but not my identity. I’m an outspoken person, committed in the fight for freedom of speech, and I truly hope that humanity is not in perdition.

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