How to stay in shape this summer

Hello guys ! In today’s article I wanted to share with you some advices in order to stay healthy and fit during the summer.


The sun, the heat, the beach, family reunions, parties with friends… I don’t know for you but for me summer is this period of the year when everything seems more tempting, and it’s not always easy to resist. So I’ve managed to impose myself some limits, without feeling frustrated.

When summer holidays are on their way, all we talk about is  » getting the bikini body « , magazines’ main articles are about diet, detox, fat burning and so on. Models on the front cover are perfect ( thank you photoshop ), and we are all feeling fat, ugly and guilty. But not eating anything and running 153 miles everyday won’t make you feel better. More over, summer is the time for barbecues, ice cream, cocktails… So if you forbid yourself to eat for weeks in prevision of the summer, when you will see food and all your friends eating you will jump on everything you will see and you will end with more fat than before you’ve started you’re  » bikini diet « . So here are some of my advice to indulge yourself, without getting weight and without being frustrated.

First of, NEVER forbid yourself to eat what you would normally eat in prevision of the summer time. The key is to have a various alimentation, to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, with being very cautious about the products you buy. I know it’s often more expensive, but I personally can’t ingest food if I don’t know where it comes from. Anyway, think about protein too, there are mainly resent if meat but if like me you are vegetarian there are plenty of high protein aliments such as tofu, or vegetarian milk like the soy milk or soy yogurts. It’s also important to eat starchy such as pastas or rice, without 3 tonnes of pesto sauce and parmesan of course haha. If you don’t eat gluten, there are pastas and rice without it, and you can always go for quinoa.

During the summer it’s more common to eat cold, so gaspachos and salads are always a go to meal.


Play on the colors of the ingredients, it will make it more appetizing . Add some olive oil or nut oil if you like, but not fat sauces like mayonnaise, sauce Cesar… Be careful with the salt too. To spice it prefer aromates like basil, or ingredients like onions, garlic, and spices. Sesame grains are dietetic and tasty too. Feta and mozzarella are light cheeses that you can add in your salad, it won’t make you fatter.

If you want to please yourself for the dessert you can eat ice cream, but not Ben and Jerry’s, or Haagen Dazs, prefer fruits sorbets like lemon, it’s very refreshing. I personally love coconut sorbet, coconut is to me THE exotic ingredient. I love eating mango sorbet too. Of course don’t eat your sorbet with whipped cream, it would be totally useless.


Drinking a lot of water is very important. But if you’d like to drink more tasty beverage you can make yourself some detox waters : jut add slices of fruits in water, ice cubs, let it in the fridge and it’s done ! The water will taste like the fruits. You can also make smoothies, I’m crazy about smoothies…

Detox water cocktail

Of course if you are at a party or at a family dinner you can always go for a glass of rosé, it won’t kill you. Alcohol is not healthy, and it’s dangerous, but one single glass of wine is not like if you were drinking several glasses of strong alcohol like vodka or whiskey. During the summer I like having rosé piscine : a light rosé wine, very cold, and served on the rocks ! But I have to confess… A cup of champagne is my weakness…

wine and sunsets

Food and drinks are very important, but to be healthy you also have to move your ass. I know, when it’s hot outside and when there is the beach just in front of you all that you want is to lay on the sand, put some sun cream and rest. You can do that, but before ( or after ) go for a walk, or take your bike. You can also do some yoga, I love yoga ! It’s very soothing and relaxing. When you are exercising think about doing that in the morning before the sun hits too much, or at the end of the day when the hottest sun rays are gone.


Red vintage bicycle with basket and flowers lleaning against wooden fence at beach.

What I also like to do is to go to the market in the morning to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, then make myself an healthy meal, and of course going to the beach for the afternoon. I also love summer evenings, when I go out with my friends. There are many animations during the summer, festivals and fairs. A good night of sleep is very important too.

This is it for this article, I hope you’ve liked it and that you’ve found it helpful.

My last piece of advise would be to feel confident with yourself, to show off you killing body, and to have fun. I wish you all an happy summer !


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