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Intercontinental Tahiti

Hello guys ! As the sun is hardly hitting France since the beginning of the week ( the canicule plan has been decreed ), I’ve started to expose myself to UV. Of course not in a dangerous manner, I protect my skin, my eyes and my head, I drink a lot of water or ice tea, and when it’s too hot I come back inside. If you want to have a nice tan without becoming orange or red I have made a selection of few products that I love : tested and approved !


Lancaster is a very good brand, an expensive one, yet it worth the price. This is a tinted jelly which is supposed to activate your skin and make it more receptive to the sun rays. It smells very good and it works. Indeed, it gives your skin this noce, soft and glowy color. Nonetheless, it has two major inconvenients :   it’s hard to spread on the body. The texture is thick and sticky, not very practical to applicate. The second BIG issue : it’s a tinted jelly, so it has also tinted my clothes !!! Fortunately I was wearing old stuff, so I didn’t care about them being tinted, but I was very pissed ! So be very careful during the application and after. Don’t wear clothes that you care about !


This is also a Lancaster product, it’s an after sun cream which is supposed to prolongate your tan. I really like it, moisturizing, smells good, nice texture, nothing bad to say about it really. I vigorously recommend it to you. The plus of this cream is the fact that it’s a tan maximizer, so it’s not just a moisturizing cream, it also has ingredients that makes your tan lasts longer. Lancaster products are available in beauty stores like Sephora, or on their website.


This is a picture of the collection of sun products by the brand Soleil des îles. Those products are available in supermarkets and affordable. There is also a website. They are in majority made with monoï, so it smells very goooood ! Indeed, it’s inspired by the products people use in islands such as Hawaï or Thaïti. They make pretty much every thing either it’s the texture of the products : oils, creams, jellies, milks; their purpose : tanning, protecting, moisturizing and so on. I really love this brand because of it’s variety of products and the price whites very attractive.


This is a shower gel from the brand Ushuaïa. This product is available in drugstores, so it doesn’t cost a lot. The particularity of this product is that it’s supposed to reveal the tan on your skin. Indeed, it has ingredients that activate the melanin. It contains little grains because it’s also an exfoliating shower gel. It’s not agressive so you can use it daily. When you get out of the shower the bathroom smells very good, your skin is smooth, hydrated and glowy.


This is a make up product you’re gonna say. Yes it is, but it’s more : it’s THE Terracotta from Guerlain, the one and only. I loooove this product, it gives your skin this « je ne sais quoi » that every one wants on their skin. Guerlain make different Terracottas, my favorite one being the original one. It doesn’t make you orange, and even if it’s a powder it’s very light on the face, it doesn’t feel like you were wearing plaster even when it’s hot and you’re sweating. It’s expensive, but it’s an investment that won’t disappoint you, Guerlain is a reliable brand.

I will end this article by giving you some advice to optimize your tan : just because you’re exposing yourself to the sun doesn’t mean you will be tan in 10 minutes. Your skin need to be prepared and get used to the sun rays. Be careful to protect your skin, to hydrate yourself, not to be exposed for too long, even if you’re in the shadow the sun rays will get to you, so no need to over exposed yourself ! To finish, betacarotene will help you getting tanner. Some aliments such as carrots, mango, apricots, pomelos and spinach are some exemple. Eating fruits and vegetables when they are ripe is more efficient. I personally have liters of carrot juice at home, I drink several glasses of it fo months, it has a special taste at the first time, but now I really like it. I can’t tell if it’s efficient, but it’s sure that it’s full of vitamins and that it will give you energy.

This is it for this article, I hope you’ve liked it and that you’re having a nice weather. Have a good day ! xoxo

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