Smells like summer

Hey guys ! Because I don’t think that I’m the only one  overwhelmed by all those scents meaning that summer is back, I’ve decided to write an article about fragrances.


When I was in the South East of France, a month ago, I went to Grasse, the city of         » perfumeurs « . I’ve assisted to the atelier of fragrances of the Maison Molinard, which consisted of making my own perfume. There were like 150 different perfume essences, I smelt them all, my head was spinning haha ! Anyway, a professional was there to guide me and to advise me on the melting of essences I had chosen. The point of the atelier is to discover new scents, to learn how to associate them, and to create something that smells good. Indeed, it’s not because some essences smell good individually that mixed together it will be the same. The woman responsible of the atelier also told me the amount of each essences I’ve chosen I had to put in the bottle. It’s like a cooking recipe, or a chemistry class, it’s both actually. It lasted a little bit more than an hour, it was so interesting I haven’t seen time passing ! I like sweet scents, so my fragrance was basically made with apricot, caramel, coconut, rose, chocolate and other fruity / flowery / sweet ingredients. My bottle is almost empty now… But it’s possible ro order it on their website. Indeed, during the atelier you make a file with your name etc… and the « recipe » of your fragrance for them to keep. They give you a code, so if you want to order it you just have to put the code ( and to pay of course ), they will have access to your file and they will make your fragrance then send it to you.


This atelier was very interesting. I’ve learned that you can create amazing things with ingredients you never thought could be transformed in an essence, then became a perfume ! It’s incredible what those people can do, their imagination and their creativity. Most of the fragrances we wear are made in Grasse. In this city there are more flowers than inhabitants – and it’s a very good thing haha.

I am passionated by fashion, make up and also by fragrances. I think it all comes together. It’s not conceivable for me to spend a day without putting some perfume on. I have plenty fragrances, and each day I choose one depending on my mood, the weather ( some fragrances can’t be worn when it’s too hot, the smell of it would be deformed and too heavy ). These days I mostly use four fragrances :

boucheron-quatre-eau-de-parfum-visuel-pub-8382-290x0Boucheron, Quatre, which is a novelty.

burburrybodypub Body by Burberry, which exists for some years now.

Chanel-Coco-Mademoiselle-Wallpapers-perfume-cup-saucer-beads-jewelry-pendants-300x187 Coco demoiselle, Chanel, a classic.

Dolce_Gabbana_The_One_Gold_Limited_Edition-6The One by Dolce&Gabbana, in the golden edition.

This is it for this article ! I hope you’ve found it interesting, that it lighten a curiosity in you, and made you eager to learn more about the world of fragrances, a world without boundaries.

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