This summer fashion trends

Hey everyone ! In today’s article I will talk to you about what’s fashionable for this summer. As the season 5 of GOT is ending, summer is coming, and it’s time for a wardrobe change !

I’ve noticed that the boheme chic trend is back, such as in Chloe’s, Valentino’s or even BCBG MAXAZRIA’s Spring Summer 15 campaigns :

10 BCBGMAXAZRIA-Spring-2014-Campaign-02 caroline-trentini-eniko-mihalik-by-inez-and-vinoodh-for-chloe-ss-2015-01

Fabrics are soft and fluids, ideal for the summer weather. Patterns are either simple either more sophisticated : flowers are not an original idea for the summer, though it always works.

In the BCBG MAXAZRIA campaign for exemple, I see a Japanese influence. The way flowers are printed and their colors makes me think of a Japanese garden. I love Japanese gardens ! I find them peaceful and refined. That is the reason why I really love this SS collection by BCBG MAXAZRIA. Pieces are structured yet easily wearable. Some people might think that some pieces are too much for a day time, personally I don’t think so. That’s probably because my style is a BCBG kind of style ( no bad words game wanted ). Of course I understand that the total look might seem overdone for an every day look, but you can totally wear their pieces separately. In fashion breaking the rules of classic codes is imperative. That’s what makes fashion atemporal. Indeed, some things are trendy one day, then they become old-fashioned. But eventually they will always come back. Anyway, if to you this collection is too much for a day time look, I refuse to admit that it’s not appropriate for a night out ! Indeed, this brand makes fabulous dresses for all kind of events : gowns for receptions, weddings etc… And shorter dresses for a party, a prom… So let yourself be tempted by this collection, whatever you buy you will always find a reason to wear it, the main one being that everything they make is beautiful.

Then, I’ve also shown you a picture of the Valentino campaign. Valentino is well known for creating the most amazing gowns, lot of them are worn on the red carpet or for the MET Gala for exemple. In this SS15 campaign, the ocean is making waves. Indeed, corals are printed on dresses. I admit that such as flowers, the theme of the sea is not really original for summer time. But I don’t remember seing many collections with corals prints. Fabrics are very fluid, as if dresses were made by the water. Clothes surround and envelop your body, and make you feel like a mermaid. I find this collection onirique, it takes you out of the barriers of our world, this world made on frontiers and limits.

To finish, I’ve chosen to show you a pic extracted from the Chloe’s campaign. Chloe is a brand known for its classic though atemporal pieces. I love this brand because it’s elegant, suits most people, and it’s ajustable whatever is your style. Chloe’s SS15 campaign is probably the most boheme one I’ve found. Indeed, most of the collection is made with white and camel fabrics, there are plenty long dresses, natural elements such as leather sandals and bags, straw hats, and clothes made with linen, silk or cashmere. In this spirit of being closer to the nature, the campaign wasn’t made in urban places. On this picture models are on the beach with horses, in some other photos they are in the desert with camels. This campaign is a bottle of fresh air, and it’s very welcomed; indeed, everyone is talking about pollution, global warming, greenhouse gases, and the Climax Conference that will take place in Paris in several months. Talking is good, acting is better, but politics are more efficient in giving us orders than following them. Anyway, my point was that it’s very nice to see this sort of campaign, it takes us away for a little while, and that’s needed.

This is it for this article, I hope you liked it and that you will adopt the boheme chic trend if it’s not already the case. Of course maybe it’s not your style at all, but I believe that it’s important to try new things, to experiment different styles. Prejudices don’t belong in the fashion world. Let yourself be tempted, and don’t push anything away because you think it’s not for you. Clothes are a very good way to express yourself and help you feel more confident, so try as much styles as you can in order to create your own and embrace yourself.

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