Father’s Day : D-7 ! 

Hello guys ! In  a week it dill be Father’s Day, so I wanted to share with you some ideas of gifts for your father. Personally I’m closed to my dad. I’m his only daughter so I’m a daddy’s girl. Anyway, this article is meant to helpyou  finding the right gift, but of course these are just ideas, it depends on his tastes.

This is a classic gift for men, though it’s always a good idea. I find this watch very elegant. It’s a Fossil one. Prices are correct. It’s not for all type of budget but it worth it’s price.

 I don’t know what’s your father style, but mine loves wearing Polos. Lacoste are basic ones, Ralph Lauren makes very fashionable Polos as well. It will never be old fashioned, so it’s a safe value. You can even start to make him a collection. There are so many different colors, you can offer him a Polo each year haha.

My God this is my favorite fragrance for men ever !!! Just buy it ! I’ve got nothing more to say about this article, smell it and you will understand.

 Before you say anything this is not an invitation to buy or drink alcohol. This is a bottle of Cognac Louis XIII. Its a bottle of collection and it’s out of price. This is just an illustration for the idea of buying your father a bottle of collection if he likes fine alcohol. There are more affordable bottles, this one being one of the most expensive.

You can also offer him a trip or a Cruze, a dinner in a nice restaurant, throw a surprise party, buy him a tour in a race car, high tech accessories, if he collects something in particular you’re lucky, you already know what to buy him. You can also print a photo album, offer him kitchen courses, dance courses etc…

This is it for this article. I hope that you’ve found some ideas and that your father will be pleased. And don’t forget : the most important is the gesture and the love you give to him.

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