Ideas of desserts for the summer 

Hello guys ! In today’s article I want to share with you some of my favorite desserts to make when the heat is hitting.

Summer is the period of the year when there is a colossal choice of fruits, and the exotic ones are making their come back.

This is an apple pie, nothing original you would telle. Moreover, an apple pie is often eaten during winter, when its still hot, just coming out from the oven, and with cinnamon on top of it. BUT you can definitely adapt this dessert for the summer. Personally I let it cool down and eat the slice of pie with a boll of vanilla ice cream.

This is a cherry clafoutis. This is typically a summer dessert. Indeed, cherries are at their best during June / July. They are big and juicy, with a dark red color. The inconvenient part of this dessert is that cherries contain a core, and it’s boring to take all of them out … If it’s too hot you can let the clafoutis cool down before eating it, and taste it with a boll of cherry ice cream.

I love muffins, especially ones with fruits, blueberries muffins being my favs ( I find chocolate ones too heavy  ).  Eat them without moderation.
This is an ananas cake, very exotic and delicious.  It’s a basic cake but with ananas slices under it. The trick is to turn it over when you take it of the plate. For more exotics my out can add coconut shavings in your preparation. You can also imbibe the ananas with ruhm or ananas juice if you don’t like alcohol.
Last but not least, this is a tribute to my Italian origins : panna cotta with a red fruits grout. It has to stay at least six hours in the fridge so it’s a refreshing dessert. It’s light, fresh, fruity, what more ?
This is it for this article. I hope you’ve find it interesting, and that now you just want to eat !


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