Ideas of gifts for Mother’s Day. 

This year in France Mother’s Day is on Sunday the 31 of May. In this article I will give you some ideas of gifts for Mother’s Day. Don’t hesitate to personalized your gift, it’s more personal and more meaningful. Indeed, Mother’s Day ( like Father’s Day, valentines day … ) is very commercial, so every one ends up buying pretty much the same things. You can write a letter that you will give with the present. Also, if you decide to buy her a jewel you can make an engraving. Pictures are also a good idea. It can remains some memories or give ones.

The first  thing that comes to my mind for a gift is a perfume box. Luxury brands make very beautiful and refined boxes, such as this Lancôme one. The bottle of perfume is often a 100ml, it comes whether with a miniature, or a beauty balm, a body cream, a lotion, and even a shower gel. It depends of the brands and of the boxes. Moreover this packaging is most of the time really nice. The price varies, but it worth it. Indeed, considering what’s is the box it’s more interesting to buy it than buying the bottle of perfume itself.

A bouquet, yes I know it’s a cliché but it’s a great value and it’s always a good idea ( except if she’s allergic to flowers or she doesn’t like them ). That’s being said, I would offer the bouquet as an accompaniment of an other gift. Indeed, flowers fade away, and I prefer offering something that will last and stay.

 A bottle of wine can please her if she likes oenology. A Grand Cru is a great gift, a Champagne millésimé as well. But such as for the bouquet, once the wine is drink there is nothing left. Except if she keeps the bottle. And most of the time expensive wines are in nice bottles, especially when it’s a limited edition.
Because it’s a gift for your mother you probably know what she likes and what she doesn’t like, including her fashion tastes. There are many clothes, and most if the time we don’t think about scarfs. I’ve chosen these from Hermes because this Maison is the mother of the « carrés de soie ». The price is crippling, but many brands have copied Hermes and you can find affordable silk scarves.
Mother’s Day is the last day of May, which means that sunny days are coming. That’s why I think that sunglasses can be a good idea. This is your mother so you probably know the shape of her face. Depending on that you can choose an eyewear model that suits her. I think that Dolce & Gabbana’s models are beautiful, but once again the price is high. Though a good pair of sunnies will last for a long time, so it might seem expensive but it’s a long term investment if I can use economic terms.

To finish, for celebrations like that many brands collaborate. This is the case for Givenchy and Fauchon this year. The French luxury gastronomic brand Fauchon is making éclairs which the flavor is inspired by the smell of the fragrance very irresistible from Givenchy. They are filled with a vanilla and rose ganache and covered up with a white chocolate shell. They have elaborated a box in which there are 4 éclairs and a bottle of perfume. It costs 49 Euros, which is in my opinion not excessive. This is an exemple, indeed like I said many brands proposed many gifts boxes. It can be food, make up, fragrances, even trips or cruises.
I hope this article helped you, I know it can be difficult to find an idea of gift, especially when it’s for one of your parents. When you are close to them as I am  you want to make things right, and it’s not an easy task. Indeed you are afraid to disappoint the person. But it’s for Mother’s Day, and usually a mother doesn’t really care about the gift itself , what she cares about is the attention and the love she will fond in them. So don’t over think, just think about her , what she inspires you, and the perfect gift will come to your mind, like an evidence.

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