My favorites of the month 

Hello guys. Today’s article is the first one one of the serie  » My favorites « . I will talk to you about random things : food, make up, fashion, film, music and so on. I hope you will like it !

Let’s start with food. Don’t ask me why.

During the past few weeks I’ve been eating fig marmalade, like a lot. I spread it on cereal cakes for the breakfast, and I love it so much that sometimes even for lunch I want to eat some of it. Indeed, I have sugar cravings, so my lunch is basically a second breakfast. I think I eat a jar of Bonne Maman fig marmalade per week. I know it’s a lot. But it’s my little pleasure. I prefer it than Nutella or any other fat spread. Eating marmalade is more dietetic, even though I have to admit that an excess of it won’t be good. I will try to reduce my consummation of it, but it will be hard…

 I am very careful about what I eat, but sometimes I allow myself some treats, macarons being the main one. But even when I indulge myself it’s by eating one macaron, two maximum. I don’t want to feel guilty afterwards, and pleasure is also in finding the right balance. I had the occasion to eat a loooot of macarons, and this month I have eaten the most delicious one : the Pierre Herme Envy. It’s a limited edition, so don’t wait another second to try it. That’s being said, this limited edition works so good that it’s available each year… Marketing concept. Anyway. This macaron is made with violet, vanilla and bay of cassis. Pure wonder.
I am a huge fan of tea, mostly the fruity ones, even though I like English tea. But English tea is made with black tea, and it’s not advise for the health to drink a big amount of it. Moreover, it can darkened your teeth. So prefer green tea over the black one. Recently I have discover the brand Clipper, which is a fair trade tea brand. I like this brand because it cares about environment and there are no artificial ingredients, my favorite one is the detox one. Not because it’s « detox »,’but because I like the taste. It’s made with hibiscus flower and it’s soooo good ! I don’t know if the detox part works, I don’t believe in this kind of thing,  but it tastes good so I don’t really care haha.
May is also the month of peonies, and these are my favorite flowers. I’m so sad that peonies are not available for much longer. Indeed’, next month it will be hard to find ones… So I’ve filled my room with peonies bouquets to enjoy it for the few weeks it will latest.
I am addicted to candles, and vanilla ones are my faves. Nonetheless,  I’m very careful because yes candles smell good, but it’s also very dangerous. Of course it can provokes a fire, but also the smoke it spreads is harmful for your health. Plus, the ingredients that make your candle smell something are artificial, and it’s dangerous for your lungs. Generally in May the whether is warmer, so don’t hesitate to open a window while your candle is burning, and not to leave it on fire for too long.

 Last but not least, my favorite fashion item of this month is a pair of stilettos. I find it is elegant , it suits every shape of feet, and it brings something more to an outfit. Indeed, if you wear it with a pair of jeans it’s totally wearable for an every day look; if you put a little black dress on you’re ready to go out, and with a tailored outfit you can go to work ! I think that a pair of stilettos is a basic to have in your closet. A classic pair will never be old fashioned, and you can wear it with everything.

This is it for this article. I hope you enjoyed it and that I gave you some ideas of things to try. I will talk to you in the next article. Bye !

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