68eme Festival de Cannes 

It has begun ! The 68th edition of the festival de Cannes has started on Wednesday the 14th of May. It is one of the eldest and one of the most popular festival about cinema in the world. It’s during the festival de Cannes that the career of directors, actors, and other people of the cinema industry can take a major turning point. This year icon is the Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman, who died in 1982. She played for the greatest ones including Alfred Hitchkock. She was a model of talent and beauty, and she has her place as this Cannes edition egery.

Le festival de Cannes is THE place to be for upcoming directors and actors. Indeed, it’s during the festival that producers can watch movies and decide whether or not they will buy them, and then broadcast them in cinemas.  New talents can be found, but for some others disappointment will follow. Wining La Palme d’or brings notoriety and an international recognition.

Prestige is also at the heart of the festival. Indeed, many stars are present. A critic can be made : each year almost the same people are here. It wouldn’t be a bad thing to allow more novice people of the cinema industry to put their foot on the red carpet. But Cannes wouldn’t be Cannes without its stars. More over, la Palme d’or is made by Chopard, which is a Swiss jewelry and watchmaking luxury House. An other exemple of prestigious partners of the festival : L’Oreal. It’s a French cosmetic brand which has an international position. L’Oreal is the official make up partner of the festival for more than a decade. Being surrounded by notorious people, luxury and worldwide known brands is intrinsic of the festival.

The festival is also a window for the city of Cannes. It brings lots of tourists, journalists, and money. It’s also good for France, and French cinema industry. Cannes is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful place in France. Of course I haven’t visited France in its integrality, but I fell in love with the south east of my country, more precisely around the area of Cannes.

The French Riviera is a place where many people want to go, and that for decades. More over, many cineasts loved this place even before the festival even existed, and before it became such famous. To catch a thief from A. Hitchcock was realized on the coast, and the author Ernest Hemingway fell in love with Provence. My point is that this heaven on earth is attractive for everyone, and the fact that the festival is located here is one if the reason why this festival has become such a big deal.
Le festival de Cannes can also be a way to talk about important matters. Indeed, there are many independent films directed by people from all origins. Through their films they can show to the world what’s going on in their country, and denounce corruption, inequality, war, violence, segregation among other things. Before making a film it’s crucial to investigate on the subject you want to talk about. This work upstream can lead to unexpected discoveries. For exemple, if you need people’s opinion you have to interview them. When tongs are not tied anymore we can learn the through about a political regime or about life conditions of the poeple.

Cannes is not only about glitters and fame; it’s above all a major date for cineasts and cinephils, but also for the common people like you and me. People who just want to see more, to discover new ways to see the world and to live in it. It’s this time of the year when you all want to be breathless after seing a movie. Breathless but not speechless. I believe that it’s important to discuss and to debate. Freedom of speech is constantly in jeopardy, so we should embrace this luck we have, and free ourselves from prejudices.

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