When luxury is reachable 

Who is not attracted by luxury ? This is a question I often ask myself, and I think it’s a social matter that tells a lot about our current society. Indeed, money is, and has always been, an illustration of our social status, as if it were a definition of who we are. Some people are over-indebted because they buy cars, houses and other things they can’t afford. But they are ok with it, to them it’s more important to seem rich than living in a decent way, without debt issues. I don’t judge any one, I too want to have money and everything, but I want to earn it. In this article I want to point out the fact that luxury is attractive and fascinating. Many things are luxuous : wine, car, clothes, accessories, villas… We want it all. But why are we so amazed by this world ?

In my opinion, there are three main reasons why luxury is something that almost every human being wants.

First of all, money means safety. Indeed, when you have money you don’t have to worry about anything. You don’t wonder if you will be able to eat today, you wonder in which restaurant they serve the best caviar. You don’t refuse to go to hospital because you don’t have enough money to pay for it. You don’t wonder how you will pay your rent, you wonder in which city you will buy your next villa. Having money is a way to escape from life and its problems. It gives you the illusion that you can write your own fate. But like I said it’s an illusion. We are all human, which means that we can’t escape from the reality of life. Rich people are not exempt of problems. They just have different ones. So yes, money allows us to be safe, but in a certain extent. Money can’t preserve us from our finiteness.

Then, I think that luxury is attractive because of what’s associate to it. Usually, money is synonymous of social achievements. If you have money it means that you have succeeded. Or that you are an hair, in this case you are lucky to be rich without having done anything to deserve it except being born in the right family.                               We also like the way people look at us when for exemple were driving a Porshe. They envy us. And it’s this envy, almost this jealousy, that excites us. It flatters our ego, and we feel superior. It’s part of the human condition. Even humble people like it when they are put on a pedestal. Some people use their money to fit in. Indeed, they move into nice neighborhoods where houses cost twice more than their economies. But they don’t care. It’s more important to do like the others, to pretend, because it gives them the illusion that they can have the same life style than richer people. But in the end they will loose a part if themselves, and of course their money.

To finish, I believe that one of the most important reason why luxury has the place it has, is because it provides power. Indeed, powerful people are the richer ones. Is true in every environment : politics, economy, sport etc…

Many rulers are at the head of a country not because they were democratically elected, but because they’ve paid for it. Money is also what maintains them in place and secure their future. Business men are also rulers in the way that in our capitalistic world finance is the heart if everything. I have nothing against a liberal exonomy, I’m just pontine out the facts. And facts are that nowadays speculations, oil, gold, interest rates, banks… Have as much, except more, power than politics. Indeed, in a democratic regime such as France, if the economy is not shining it’s the whole country that’s darkened. If you want to be a good politician you have to know a lot about finance and economy. In a different field, sport. If you have money you can buy a club. For exemple Qatari have bought the French football club PSG. They can get good players because they can pay them well. By well I mean millions of euros every months. And what for ? Shooting in a balloon won’t make our world a better place. But still, they have money so we talk about them. They are at the front page of newspapaers, they are interviewed in great tv shows, they are listened as if teny were intellectuals. But they are not. They have money. That’s why we are listening to them.

Money is everything. It’s the core of our society since society has been established. It’s in ourselves, we can’t fight against this perverse attraction we have for luxury and everything linked to it. I won’t fight it. I do have ambiguity and I’m not ashamed to say it. I like the idea of being able to afford anything I want. But we should want to have money for the good reasons. If one day I have more money than needed, I will give some to charity, or use it to built shills for girls in countries where woman are treated like nothing. I will give money to help researches against cancer and AIDS among other things. The truth is that I have no idea of what tomorrow will be like and if I will have lots of money. But I do know how I want my life to look like and I will do everything that I can to achieve that. And money can’t buy it. It can’t buy humanity, dignity and love. I’m no sociologist or psychologist, but I’ve written this article because I wanted to understand how we work, and why luxury is something that consumes us since forever. I think it’s mainly because living in a luxury world reassure us. It’s like being in heaven, safe from our fears and we all have fears, so we are all attracted by the idea of a better place. Still, it’s important to keep in mind that making this world a better place shouldn’t be associated to money. We all have this power.

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