I found my place

Hello guys ! I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted an article, but I was in vacation in the South East of France, more precisely in Nice. I came back yesterday, and the only thing I want is to go back there. I’ve been to Nice when I was a child, like 5 years old, so I don’t remember anything. Going there was like if it were the first time. I  instantly fell in love with the place. Palm trees, the blue sky, the fresh breeze coming from the sea… It was like an awaken dream.


It was raining when I took this picture, but the landscape is still breathtaking. I was located in an apartment in  » Le vieux Nice « , The old town. It’s the typical south atmosphere. Buildings are colorful, streets are short, there are lots of little shops where it smells spices and soap, restaurants all along the winding street with plastic chairs struggling to stay in place.


I arrived in Nice on Sunday, it was indeed a sunny day. the next day I went to Cannes, and it was raining almost all day long ! I’ve visited Le Palais des Festivals where The Festival de Cannes takes place. The visit lasts an hour and a half, it was so interesting that I haven’t seen time passing by. Moreover, Le Palais des Festivals was abuzz with Le Festival coming. It was impressing to see behind the scene. Thankfully, when the visit was over rain has stopped. I was able to walk along Rue d’Antibes do some shopping, and of course getting some macarons from the Ladurée shop. Mikimoto’s macarons edition are delicious by the way.


On Thursday I went to Grasse, the city of perfumeries. I visited the Molinard perfumerie, Fragonard and Galimard are the two other most famous Maisons. I had the chance to create my own fragrance, it was very interesting and amusing. I smelt almost a hundred essences, my head was spinning afterwards !


The atelier didn’t last that much, so I’ve decided to go to Saint Jean Cap Ferrat and visit the Villa Ephrussi de Rotshlid. It’s an amazing villa, with a beautiful garden.


Wednesday was shopping day. In the morning I went in Le Vieux Nice, walked across typical tiny streets, doing all little shops. I bought spices, lavender and orange tree honey, many different jams, savon de Marseilles, olive oil, and typical meals such as tapenade, socca and pissaladière. In the afternoon, I went downtown do some shopping. In Nice you have everything. Indeed, there are boutiques for every budget. You have Cartier or Louis Vuitton, but there also is Zara; you can go to the Galeries Lafayettes and by a 300 Euros top or one costing 20 box; there also are unique shops which sells clothes and accessories you won’t find anywhere else. I bought a few clothes and accessories. I went crazy when I saw the Pierre Hermé stand in the Galeries Lafayette, so I bought a macaron. Yes just one, but it was the most delicious macaron I’ve ever tasted ! more delicious than Ladurée, can you believe it ? So if you have the opportunity to taste the macaron Envie from Pierre Hermé just do it, it’s a limited edition !

Thursday, oh Thursday you were one of the best day of my life ! I went to Monaco, and since then I do believe that heaven on earth does exist. It was the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen. Streets are calm, clean, the landscape is breathtaking, buildings’ architecture is magnificent and so on. Monaco is well known for its wealthy population, and it’s not a myth. There are race cars parked at each corners, the marina is full of yachts, people are wearing jewels which cost more than a regular salary…

I saw the exposition of the private cars collection belonging to S.A.S Prince Albert. There were hundreds of cars, even carriages, it was an impressive collection with cars dating from the end of the 19th Century. I’ve also visited Les Grands Appartements du Palais Royal, it was majestic. Furniture, paintings, sculptures, gilding… Everything was beyond what you can imagine. After that, I went to Monte Carlo, where is located the famous Casino. It was so impressive. Maserati, Ferrari and the others were parked in front of it. The architecture of the Casino is beautiful with its marble floor and its crystal chandeliers. Next to the Casino there is the Louis XV Restaurant which belongs to the famous French Chef Pierre Ducasse, who is also in charge of the Plaza Athénée cuisine in Paris. In front of the Casino are located all the luxury brands ( Prada, Chanel, Dior, YSL and so on ). I didn’t know where to look, everything was so beautiful… I’ve never seen a place like it before, I just want to go back and never leave…


Friday was the last day. I went to the famous Marché aux fleurs in the Vieux Nice. I’m not the market kind of girl, but I really enjoyed this one. Indeed, there are everything you need if you want to buy things typically from the South of France. It smelt like the true Provence : flowers, fruits, vegetables, spices, everything was in this market !


The market was so huge and there were so many people that I couldn’t take a proper picture that could illustrate what I am talking about. There are Cafés all around the stands, people are making the queue to buy flowers, strawberries bigger than a watch, typical meals still hot and smelling soooo freaking good, craft soaps smelling rose, lavender, mimosa and other delicious scents.

In the evening, I was invited at my cousin’s house, we haven’t seen each other for almost a decade, it was so touching to see her again ! We spend the night drinking champagne, and like Cinderella when midnight stroke I went back to the apartment I’ve rented for the week, trying to get some sleep because Saturday is the departure day…

This is it for my article about the South East of France. As you can figure I fell in love with this place. I’ve visited different parts of France, but this one is my favorite. I love Paris, but it’s a different kind of love. I want Paris for the week end, and Provence for the week. If only I could go back tomorrow… I am so nostalgic… But the positive point is that I’ve found my place. It felt like home. From now on I will do everything I can to have a future in this area. This is where I belong.


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