Ideas to do something when you’ve got nada to do 

Hey guys ! On Sunday I will leave for Nice and I won’t be able to write for almost a week, so I wanted to post an article before my departure. Today u wanted to share with you a few ideas of things you can do during theses days when you’ve got nothing planned. As much as I like having days off, I can’t just sit and do nothing. Here’s are some things I manage to achieve during my lazy / not so lazy days :

– First of all, try to catch up the hours of sleep that might be lacking. Its not always easy to fall asleep, especially of your biological clock is set on your routine chrono. Before going to bed, you can drink a cup of hot water with a little bit of lemon juice and a spoon of honey. It will appease you and help you to fall asleep. Chamomile infusions are also effective.

– After a good night of sleep, have a good breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so never skip it especially of you have to go to school or to work. Most of the time we eat it very fast because we have to go to the office or wherever we have to be. This day when you have nowhere to be is the perfect day to take your time to prepare a nice breakfast, and to take your time eating it. I don’t know what you like to eat in the morning, so just eat whatever you want to, as long as you don’t eat junk food.

– As much as I love wearing heels, jewels and make up, during my lazy days I can’t bear to be tight in a pair of jeans or having coats of foundation on my face. I prefer wearing jogging, or leggings, my hair tight up, and no make up on. My face being naked I can do a mask ! It’s important to take care of yourself, especially your skin. I love doing masks, especially the Glam Glow ones, it feels like if my skin has reborn !

– Wearing ugly clothes is an argument to do some cleaning. I hate doing that, but what I hate the most is living in a dirty, disorganized, place, so I overcome my laziness and I grab the vacuum cleaner ! I also clean my sheets, and everything that needs a wash. I’m an organized person, so my place is never messy, but there are always one or two things fbat are not where they’re supposed to be, so I replace them where they belong and I can’t stop re organized my appartment. The place feels new and refreshed.

– Cleaning means sweating. And I don’t know anyone who enjoys smelling like a polecat. So the first thing I do after cleaning is going to the shower. I wash my head and I have the time to apply a mask on my hair, and also to do a body scrub. When I leave the shower I feel soooo fresh, and the bathroom smells so good it’s delicious !

– So here we are, the appartment is clean, so are we, but the day is not over yet and there are things left to do. Indeed, why not applying nail polish and watch stupid tv shows while it dries hum ? But after a few minutes watching ridiculous emission I feel guilty so I grab a book or a magazine. I also enjoy this time I have to read my mails, answer to the important ones, I do the paper work etc… If your job takes the most of your time you probably can’t spend hours on the phone with your friends or your family. But lucky you, today you’ve got nothing planned. It’s the perfect time to grab your phone and catch up with an old friend or you’re family.

– After achieving all these things it’s not surprising if your thirsty and hungry, so take a break. Although it’s important to drink all day long, water with a slice of lemon is good for the body. I also love tea, maybe too much, I dring it all day long. Be careful, not to drink to much dark tea. Green one is better if you are a huge consumer of tea. I am not some one who eats a lot, I rarely take a snack, but when I’m starving I eat a soy yogurt, a fruit, or muesli. Eat what you like but remember that it’s important to have a sufficient amount of fobers, vitamins and proteins. That’s why it’s important to eat fruits, vegetables ( I love carrot juice ), yogurts ( soy ones are the best ! ), and cereals. I mean real cereals like oat, spelt, corn etc …not the ones full of sugar and fats. If you find it bland or too dry you can add milk ( soy one is really tasty ) or dry fruits like cranberries or figs.

– Now that you’ve your strength back you can do some stretching. It’s recomand end to do sport everyday, but we don’t always have time. Enjoy this free time to relax your muscles with yoga for exemple, or stretching exercises.

– The day is almost over , tomorrow we will be back to work… But you have some time left. You can take it to preorder you’re things for the next morning. I personnally do it every day, so I won’t have to wake up at dawn to prepare my clothes and my work stuff.

– For dinner during one if these lazy days I like to have a huge Bol Chinese soup. I take my time to drink it because  this evening i have the time to take my time ! I usually drink it on my couch in front of the tv, watching the news, a film or a serie. I try not to go to bed too late, tomorrow will be a big day.

This is it for this article ! I hope you liked it. Like I said earlier I won’t be able to wrote for a while, but I will definitely post photos on my Instagram account ( if there’s no wifi issues ). Until then I wish you the best.

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