Let’s go to the south ! 

Hey guys ! On Sunday I will go for a trip in the south east of France, I will residate in Nice, but of course I will go cities around such as Cannes, Grasse and Ive also planned to go to Monaco. I’m so exited ! When I will be back, I will write an article in which I will tell you what I thought of this trip, where I went, what I’ve visited etc… But today I just wanted to share with you a few pictures to show you the paradise I will stay for 6 days.

This is a photo of Nice, personally it’s the representation of my idea of heaven on earth. I’ve already went there but it was ages ago, so it’s like I was going there for the first time. Look at the sea ! Oh god I already see myself in it… Moreover,  weather has started to be truly « summery », so it’s makes things even better. Indeed, going down there with the rain is not really exciting…

This is L’Hotel Le Negresco ( more a palace ) located the end of La Promenade des Anglais, which is the biggest Avenue of Nice. You walk along the sea between Palm trees and restaurants, a light breeze in you hair… When I close my eyes I’m already there…

This is the kind of landscape you find in south east of France, in Provence. It’s a lot like Norht Italian landscapes, but with more lavenders  and  of course plenty of olive trees. It smells so gooood ! And it’s very colorful. Houses  have colors on the shutters : blue, yellow, orange, green, some are even painted in pink. Everything melts perfectly and gives birth to this peaceful, sere in and dreamy ambiance. It’s revitalizing.

Like I said earlier, I will be in Nice but I will go to other cities, including Cannes. Its soon Le Festival du Film, unfortunately it will occurred a few days after my departure… But I will go to Cannes anyway ! Probably next Monday. I really want to visiti this town so I will do it haha. Walking along the Croisette, visiting Le Palais des Congrais, going to little boutiques…

I’ve also planned to spend one day in Monaco, where everything is luxurious, race cars at each corners, yachts parked in the marina, and of course Le Rocher where is Le Palais Princier with Princes Charlene and King Albert, son of the Prince Renier and Grace Kelly, my idol. I’m a bit skeptical about the fact that in Monaco everything is about money, but the landscape is beautiful , monuments and architecture are incredible, so it would be ridiculous not to go there.

The last place I’ve panned to go to is Grasse. It’s there that fragrances are made. The most famous houses of Parfum are Fragonard, Gallimard and Molinard. I don’t know which one I will visit yet, but it’s sure that I will visit one. I definitely want to learn how scents are made, and I want to assist to an atelier in which you can create your own fragrance. In eager to do it !

Last but not least : food. Niçoise food is influenced by the Italian one : lot of vegetables and fruits, especially olives, and olive oil obviously. Many dishes are made around fish and sea food. Nice is famous for its salade niçoise generally made with salad, tomatoes, eggs, tuna, onions, olives, anchovies and aromates.

They also made a soup which I love : la soupe au pistou. Like I said they have a lot of fruits, so they make fruits salads or they use them to cook ice creams. They also have a specialty which is a sugar / salty pie : tourte a la blette. It’s a pie generally made with chard, olive oil , Parmesan, dry grapefruits baked with Armagnac, pine nuts and apple. I’ve never tried it, ingredients seem… Weird together but I’m against prejudice so I will let you know if it’s tasty or disgusting haha.


Thus is it for this article. I don’t know if you ever went to the south east if France , but I recommend this destination for holidays or even a long week end. It’s one of the most beautiful place I’ve ever been , so peaceful, a postal card landscape, it’s like if everything was simple, life in its simplest apparel, and me standing there, feeling the air in my lungs, feeling alive.



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