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Hello everyone ! It’s been a long time since I haven’t written an article about beauty, so today I correct it. I love cosmetics, especially make up, I could spend an hour trying new products and associations of shades. I also love perfume, I can’t live without it, I think I have like 6 bottle of perfume, and depending on the weather and my mood I put either this one or either this one. To me it’s very important to perfume, even if I stay home I can’t help but putting perfume on. I don’t know it’s like brushing my teeth, I do it because to me it’s a natural gesture. Any way, let’s get into it !

I will start by talking about new fragrances.

Les délices from Nina Ricci is on sale for a few weeks now, and it’s the sweetest perfume I’ve ever smelt. Indeed, it’s a  melt of sugar, lolly pops, strawberries, flowers, candy cane and so many other things. It’s delicious, you almost want to eat it ! I would say that this perfume is more destination to young woman but hey, there’s no age for greed !

This one is also by Nina Ricci, it’s L’extase, and it’s the last born of the brand. Unlike Les délices, L’extase has a stronger scent, less sweet and more spicy, but still floral. It’s for more mature woman, it’s an ode to femininity.

This is the new derivative of the Valentina from Valentino : the Valentina Pink. As you can see the bottle is a mate neon pink, very girly, so is the scent. It’s fresh, perfect for the summer.

This one is my coup de coeur, it’s the next perfume I’m gonna buy : Le Quatre by Boucheron. Boucheron is a French jewelry Maison, and the cork of the bottle looks like their collection of rings Quatre. It’s the rings the model is wearing. Not only the bottle looks like one of their most precious piece, but the smell of it is so refined, elegant, wearing the perfume is like wearing the ring, but less pricy. I can’t wait having it !

Now I’m going to talk about make up. I had the chance to try new products and I wanted to share with you the ones which in my opinion worth the try.

Like I said earlier, I’m a make up addict, but I don’t like to look like a clown, I prefer to keep it natural, and it’s impossible to achieve a natural make up if you don’t have the appropriate foundation. Every one has a different skin tone, so make sure to find the right one in order not to look like a carrot.  Anyway, the last foundation I’ve tested is from Lancôme, the pachaging looks like powders one but it’s a foundation. There is a buffer in it but I prefer using a brush, it makes less demarcations. But the product itself is great, I have the shade 3 and it’s perfect for my skins tone. The texture is frothy , the coverage is not to much but still more than a BB cream. If you want lot of coverage it’s not for you, bit if you want a natural skin it’s perfect.

This is not a lip gloss despite how the packaging looks like, it’s an eyeshadow. Yves Saint Laurent’s new make yo collection contains, among other products, this metallic liquid eyeshadow. It exists in 10 different shades, all of there being really pigmented. I think it’s perfect for a night out because the texture will last longer on your eyelid than a classic eyeshadow would. You have a declination of different browns, some being more golden, and sone other more bronze. If you choose the lightest brown it’s totally wearable on an everyday look, you just put mascara, a nude lipstick, glowy skin and you’re ready to go ! There is also a pastel green color, which is perfect for the summer. I think it’s very practical, if you have this product you don’t need anything more and you can’t make plenty looks depending on what you’re looking for.

Last week I’ve made the Aquitaine of this Dior lip gloss and it’s my facility floss ever. The truth is that I hate glosses, I think it’s sticky, it doesn’t last more than an hour, and I don’t know I just prefer to wear lipstick. But I’ve decided to try this new thing, mostly because I’ve heard good critics about it. And I wasn’t disappointed. I have it in the shade Trafalgar which is a red with orange undertones. I love the texture, it’s very pigmented, it’s not sticvu at all, it’s moisturizing, and it lasts for many hours. So I vigorously recomand it, if you don’t like gloss amd want a variation of lipstick this is perfect.

To finish I wanted to talk about eyeshadow. These palettes are from Dior, it’s from the 2015 Spring Summmer collection, and I fell in love with them as soon as I’ve seen them ! Colors are so beautiful, you can play with them and achieve many looks. The packaging is refined, it’s inspired by quilted Dior bags, and the logo printed on the eye shadow is just amazing. It makes me thing if royal arms. You can use the first palette at any time of the year. Indeed, there are green tones and a pink color but it’s wearable depending on the amount of product you apply and how you blend it. You can do an intense smokey eye with the darkest colors, or a very soft look if you wear for exemple, just the pink color with mascara and a light pink lipstick. The second palette is more  » summery « , and you have to be bolder to buy it. Indeed it’s more complicated to wear these color every day, but the variation do eye shadows allows you to achieve an evening kind of look, but also a beachy / glowy one. To me it looks like Yale differmt shade if flowers you can find in a summer garden. It’s refreshing and reminds me how eager I am to be in summer !

I hope this article helped you to discover this Spring Summer novelties. I know that I’ve only talked about expensive products, but the large majority of my cosmetics are not from drugstores so I can’t talk to you about things I haven’t tested. I only talk about products which I think worth their price, but of course it doesn’t mean you have to buy them, in sure you can’t find less expensive equivalents. But if you’re saving money in order to offer yourself a little treat, then I hope you found it in this article. Don’t forget that inner beauty us stile more important and stinger than any cosmetic. Wearing make up won’t make wickedness, condescension, stupidity or whatever disappear. If make up makes you feel more comfortable with yourself it’s perfect, but never feel bad with who you are because some superficial girls. We have one life. We can’t afford to waist it for people who don’t worth it. Spend time for you and for people you love. Have a great day !


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