To watch or not to watch 

Hey guys ! Today I will talk to you about my favorite tv shows. Most of you probably know them, at least heard about them, and I wanted to give p my opinion because I think it’s important to share point of views. If you don’t know those shows, or were wondering if they worth it, or if you are looking for series to watch, I hope that my article will help you choosing whether or not you want to watch them. Let’s get started !

Fort of I wanted to talk about Gossip Girl. I know, not original, and the serie is over for like 2 years, maybe more. But it’s the first tv show I’ve started to watch when I was a teenager, and as ridiculous as it might sound, this serie helped me going through the stuff I had to deal with during my teen years.

A lot of people consider GG as a superficial serie, and I conceive that, I’ve never pretended that it’s the most intellectual show I’ve ever seen. But it sells dream. It talks about rich people living in palace or penthouse, wearing haute couture clothes, going to high school in a limo, wearing diamonds and Rolex etc… And it was a way for me to escape from my life. I’ve never been to school with a pair of Louboutin, I don’t have a summer house in the Hamptons, nor a private jet, and watching GG allowed me to dream.

Moreover, it talks about issues that everyone can confront : drugs, alcohol, bankrupt, the loss of a friend or a member of the family, love stories and so on. There are a lot of funny scenes, so after watching an episode I was in a good mood. And it gave me sole great outfit ideas. I mean look at what they are wearing ! In this serie everyone – especially girls – everyone has amazing clothes.

They also travel a lot : the spot is in NYC but some episodes were shot on LA or Paris. Of course some my favorite episodes are the one made in Paris. I think it’s in the beginning of season 4. Blair and Serena coming back from Laduree ! Best scene ever haha !

I guess most of you have already seen this show, I don’t know if you like it, but persibnalg I think it’s like Friends  in the way that it ps atemporal. It talks about society, and even if they’re not real people in the way that most of us are not billionaire like them, it criticizes inequalities, modern world, it talks about how important it’s to be honest and surrounded by people we can trust, it talks about friendship, how hard it’s to love, and to live on a world in which we feel like we don’t feet.

Then I wanted to talk about a completely different kind of serie : Dowtown Abbey.

This is an English TV show which counts 5 seasons, and I’m afraid it’s almost the end… I love English shows because there is always a weird sense of humor, comical situations and of course the accent of the actors ! It talks about a rich family I’m the English country at the beginning of the 20th century, their way if life but it also  talks about the staff ( butlers, maids, cooks …) and how they live together. Everyone has it’s place , even if sometimes it’s complicated to find it. Indeed, the mentions a lot how important it’s to fit in, but mostly how hard it’s for one to find its place. Even when you want to go it’s not that simple, and even if you which you could stay you just can’t. I love this show because it’s real. It’s never too much, there is a balance between all the ingredients that make life, and whether you are living on 1920 or in 2015 you are still a human being, and human nature doesn’t change. Is it for the best or not ?  The serie shows both side. The answer is yours.

Decors are amazing, costums too, and I think that the script is perfectly writing. It talks about social, familial and financial issues. Season 2 is supposed to occurred during and after WWI, so it talks about the difficulties of war, the fear in the soldiers eyes, casualties, is it a fair fight ? It asks many questions about the absurdity and the fragility of life. There are also love stories and of course their complications, it also deals with women situation and conservatism, politics, and the evolution of the society. I really recommend this serie if you haven’t watched it yet. Its a serie which makes you think, the cast is great, I have something for Maggy Smith !

The third serie I wanted to talk about is Reign. It was created 2 years ago, and I fell in love with it at the forts episode ! Season 2 has started for a few months now, and I’m so excited about it.

It talks about French monarchy during the 16th century, when Henry the Second was King of France, and married to Catherine De Medicis. The two principal characters are Francis, Henry and Catherine’s son, and Marie de Guise, Queen of Scotland, which union have been decided since they were kids in order to make France and Scotland allies to win the English throne. Historical facts are true, but it’s not a documentary, it’s really a serie, based upon history such as The Tudors. I love history, especialky the period of French monarchies, so not surprising that I like this show. Costums are simply beautiful, the casting works perfectly, I really like the character of Catherine, and there is always a part of derision.

Look at those gowns ! And in each episode characters are wearing sumptuous costumes, even men, their capes being made with gold thread. Jewels are marvelous too, good, silver, diamonds, pearls, crowns, tiaras and so on. That’s being said outs not a superficial serie at all. It talks about monarchy so it’s normal that everything is fancy, and extravagant. They had so much money they didn’t know what to do with it.

The serie talks about love yes, but also about politics, religion, legacy, money, friendship, strategie, war and so on. It talks about everything really, and I think that no matter what the subject is, it is always interesting and true. Indeed, in my opinion Reign reflects perfectly the reality of the world, of the society and of human nature. The fact that’s it’s inspired by history makes it even more concrete and touching. Try to watch this show, it’s not a shallow one, you will actually learn things about history, and maybe even about yourself.

Last by not least : Game of Thrones. It’s my favorite show ever, though the first time I saw the first episode I’ve stopped it after less than 10 min.

Indeed, the first time I’ve  watched I didn’t like at all ! It was like 3 years ago. But afterwards I thought well maybe it’s not that bad. Plus everyone was talking about how great it was, so I’ve decided to give it one more chance. And damn that was a very good decision ! I’ve seen the first episode til the end, and well… I’ve seen the second one right after ! And the third one, and before I could tell I’ve had finished the first season !

It’s not he kind of serie I usually watch, unreal places, unrealistic situations, weird names, magic, dragoon etc…   are not my type of things. So I was surprise to love it, but it proves that you have to drop prejudices. I kike everything about this serie, so I won’t list things I like about it, it would be too long haha. Though I completly understand poeple who don’t like it. I’ve never read the books, I don’t know if I will, probably when the serie will be over. I don’t know. Anyway, I love all the actors, costumes and decors are great, the only thing that disturbs me is the violence and the amount of blood spilled in every single episode. Most if the time I close my eyes or turn my head. I like the show for what it’s in general , I don’t take any pleasure in looking at violent scenes, even though some of them are required because it talks about war, some scenes last too much time : 5 min of begeadings, eviscerations, rapes, members torn apart, eyes ripped out and so on it’s too much. That’s the biggest critic I can make about this show. Always violence even if when it’s not required.

But in real life they seem to get along. Oh and in case you didn’t know, even though I think you do, the first episode of season 5 is tomorrow !!! So get your pop corns ready, because the big night is soon. I think I will re watch the last episode of season 4 tonight, because I don’t remember how it needed and I’m gonna be lost tomorrow if I don’t refresh my memory. Watch out guys, the sun might be here but winter is coming !!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article, that you’re all doing great, and take some good time watching series !

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