The sun is back 

Hey guys ! I don’t know where you live and what’s the weather like at your place, but for a couple of days now sun is shinning bright in the south of France ! I’ve been waiting different the sun for soooo long ! This summer atmosphere made me wanted to write an article about what the heat, the sun, the blue sky inspire me.

The first thing I want to do when summer is coming is going out, mostly in cafés.

Look at this painting of the Cafe de Flore in Paris : flowers, umbrellas, sun rays passing through the trees, people wearing T shirt, dresses, sunnies etc… It’s so peaceful. It reminds me with my friends, drinking cappuccinos and chatting for hours. Well capuccinos or something else such as ice teas. I love tea, but with the heat it has tendency to make me feel nauseous, so a nice tea is the perfect compromise ! And with lots of ice of course

During the summer, my family and I love to make barbecues on the terrace, drinking soft and cold wines, and eating ice creams. I remember those perfect summer evenings, eating, drinking, laughing, enjoying a soft breeze after a hot day, and after dinner going downtown to walk along the port, or going to the night market, or even to the fair.


Mamma Mia, Haagen Dazs makes delicious ice cups. ( And Bradley Cooper is in their ads, which makes their products even more tempting ). I also love Magnum. I think their ice creams are  really tasty, and last year the brand collaborated with Dolce&Gabanna

It looks so yummy. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find them, even when I was in Italy. I hope they will make it this summer too but I don’t think so ….

Anyway I summer there are not just creams, it’s the season when thee are lots of fruits !!

I’m addicted to sugar, and I love pretty much any kind of fruits. But it’s in summer that there are my favorite ones : strawberries, cherries, watermelons, melons, grapes, and all the exotic sorts : mango, ananas, coconuts, kiwis, papaya and so on ! My summer alimentary ion is also based on salads, the tomatoes and mozzarella salad is my fave ( with olive oil and basil obviously ). No doubt it’s my Italian side.

So colorful, so fresh, I’m eager to eat that with a glass of Tariquet rosé on my terrace surrounded by family and friends !

Summer is also the moment of the year when you can finally show off your new bikinis on the beach ! And it’s even better when you are laying in the sand on a beautiful beach.

Brazil is an exemple of the perfect destination. Don’t forget sin cream because in Rio you will burn ! There are also islands such as Ibiza, Tahiti, Hawaii, Bahamas, Sardinia, or the Greek archipelago with Mikonos or Santorini.

This picture of Santorini makes me think of the landscape on the musical movie Mamma Mia with Meryl Streep.

Summer is also the occasion to brag with you pricy sunnies, such as those ones from Dolce&Gabanna :


I love Bianca Balti, she’s one  of my favorite models. Oh and of course summer and heat mean… Shirtless guys !!

During summer you often burn inside of your car, so why not taking a road trip in a convertible car hum ?

I know not everyone can afford a car like that. But it’s possible to rent one for a day or even for an hour. And even if you don’t have a convertible car, this won’t prevent you to have a nice time.

I know we are not in summer yet, but this winter has been interminable for me, so as soon as I saw the glow of the sun, I ran outside and spend the day taking the sun ! I hope you are having a nice time, that you’re enjoying the sun as much as I do, that you will have wonderful holidays, and go to magical places to escape from routine and discover the beauty of the world.




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