Easter on the corner 

Hey guys ! An appetizing article today : it’s going to be about Easter ! More precisely about eggs. I will share with you the most incredible, funny and original eggs I could find. This is going to be a short article, mostly with pictures and not a lot of writing.

This is the Easter collection made out of the collaboration between La Maison du Chocolat and the the malletier Moynat. This piece is entirely made of chocolate. There are ducks as you can see, and the trunks are a wink at the House Moynat. I find this creation amazingling done, trunks look so real. That you almost wonder if you cams actually eat them !

These are made by the French chef Francois Perret who works at the Shagri La Hotel in Paris. These are like architectural pieces, the level of technicality required to achieve such a work is super high. I don’t know how he managed to realize this kind of eggs, but one thing is sure : Francois Perret is an artisan !

These are from Les a Marquis Laduree. You have the chicken and the eggs, nothing original, but on the second picture you can see cameos. I think it’s very refined, details of the faces are quit goodly made, I like the combination of the colors, and they look tasty.

Those cute little things ( not so little though ) are from the chocolatier Lenôtre. You have a monkey, Mr Potatoe, and two cute parrots. My fave is the pink one. Details are incredible, for exemple the trunk on which the parrot is standing, palm trees, and the degrade of colors for the parrots feathers.

As you can read, those fishes are made by Fauchon. This is not my favorite collection, they’ve done better, but their chocolates are pretty good so they don’t need to overplay on the design. I thing it’s  more appropriate for children, where for exemple Francois Perret’s creations are dedicated to a grown up clientele.

This sweet thing has been created by the A la mere de famille. This chicken looks like a detective, and what I like is the pattern on the coat : houndstooth for a chicken ! And look at its tiny feet ! So so cute !

This is an egg, nothing original so far. But well it’s a Pierre Herme creation and he’s one of my favorite chocolatier, so I couldn’t not mention him ( I know, it’s not very objective ), and the dots which cover up the egg remind me of the Art Deco movement.

I love Russian dolls. And I would like very much to visit Russia, so I melt like chocolate under the sun when I saw these Pierre Marcolini ( one more Pierre ! This is a common name in France ) creations look more like decoration than eatable things. I must confess that the face on the dolls kind of scares me, but I would eat it so …

This is one of my favorite ! It looks like a statue made of wood, bronze and gold. This creation is made by the chef of the Park Hyatt Paris Vandome Fabien Berteau. This is a representation of Ganesh, an Indian divinity, this egg being totally inspired by the Indian culture. I don’t even want to eat it, it would be a sacrilege ! Eat such a beautiful thing really…

These bells are a Cafe Pouchkine creation. This cafe is one of my favorite place to go when I’m in Paris. I think those bells are very well done, details are precisely cooked, and the frosting looks so soft. They seem complicated to eat though. But who cares ? They are beautiful !

This egg is, with the Park Hyatt one, my favorite. It’s made by the cafe Angelina, which is with cafe Pouchkine and Laduree my favorite salon de the. This is an egg, ok, but have you seen the golden circles ? And the drawings on them ? And the shell of the egg looks like wood. It’s like a Faberge egg. It’s a piece of art.

This egg is the last piece I will talk about. This is made by the House Dalloyeau, which is one of the most ancien French pastry House, it was founded in 1682 ! This repents a cuckoo, expect that in this one the bird is silent ( thank god ). I think that the clock, especially the roman numbers, are incredibly achieved.

So this is it. I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and that you’ve found the Egg of your dream. Most of them are realized by Grands Chefs or Great Maisons, so they are pricy. This article is not to force you to by anything, I wanted to share those creations because I believe that cuisine requires a Savoir Faire, it’s an art, and it’s a huge part of the French culture. That’s why it was important for me to talk about it. Anyway, I hope that you will enjoy Easter, and eat tones of chocolates ! ( without throwing up after ). Talk to you soon !


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