An idol a film : Grace Kelly in  » To catch a thief « 

Today I will talk to you about another if my icon : Grace Kelly. The film I’ve choosen is To catch a thief directed by the great Alfred Hitchkock in 1955. I’ve chosen this film with Grace Kelly because I love pretty much every Hitchkock’s movies, but also because the set is in the French Riviera and everyone knows that Grace stopped her carrier in order to marry the Prince Rainier of Monaco, and it’s while she was doing this movie that they met. Plus, the landscape is breathtaking. Moreover, even if Grace Kelly is always elegant in her films, I think it’s in this one that she’s the most graceful. Her posture, her attitude, the amazing gowns she wears, her hair, the jewels, everything is beautifully thought.

I think this dress is one of the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen in a movie … Anyway, let’s talk about the movie !

The amazing Cary Grant is co starring Grace Kelly ( I loved him in Charade too ). He plays John Robie and she plays Frances Stevens. John is an ancient thief whose nickname is  » The cat « . He’s now retired in a villa on the French Riviera. But a serie of thefts occurred and of course everyone thinks that he’s responsible. He claims it’s innocence but no one believes him. Yo clear his name he decides to catch the thief himself. In order to do so, he receives the help of an insurance man, H. Hughson, who gave him a list with the names of the richest people in the Riviera at the moment. Rich people being the target of the thief, John’s plan is to get closer to those people so when the robbery will happen I wouldn’t be framed. At the top of the list are Jessie Stevens and her daughter Frances. Hughson happens to be Jessie’s insurer. They’ve planned a diner and John joined them. That’s how Cary meets Grace.  

In front of her mother Frances is very tight up, but before going to her chambers she kisses John. She’s beautiful and she knows it. What she ignores is when a man wooing her, is it for her person or her money ? The next morning John and Frances go to the beach. John’s plan to get closer to her seems to work.

In this scene very one is looking at Frances. Indeed she looks amazing, also it’s funny to see what women used to wear on the beach in the 50’s. Later this day Frances offers John a ride and a picnic. While she’s driving they manage to talk a little bit about themselves, their personality. They are fascinated by each other.

I love this scene too because of the landscape. Look at Monaco ! So beautiful… But I’m also moved when I see it, Grace Kelly died in a car accident on the same road in 1982. But when I’m looking at this film I prefer to think about the great actress she was instead of her unfortunate death.

Let’s go back to the movie ! After their ride, they are even more close. But the next morning Frances’ mother jewels are gone. Frances accuses John of getting closer to her in order to steal her mother. Of course he claims it’s innonce and is more determined than ever to catch this damn thief !! During the night he’s attacked by a man. During the fight the attacker falls and dies. It was Foussard, a man From a gang John used to know when he was in the French resistance. After reaching at the police, John realists that Foussard couldn’t have been the thief. Indeed he had a prosthetic leg, and the thief’s modus operandi is to climb on roof tops to break into his targets’ house. The question remains : who is the thief ? At least john’s name is cleared and Frances confesses him her feelings.

A masquerade ball is coming, and John is sure that the real thief will strike again. He, Frances and the police have a plan. And because it’s a masquerade ball John will be wearing mask. So it will be easier to frame the responsible.

In this scene the costumes are just incredible !!! The decor is unbelievable too. As pretidcted, during the ball the thief is stealing jewels. Frances confronts him and the mask is removed : it’s Hughson. John was waiting on the roof, and a shadow shows of the dark ! A partner in crime ?? The pursuit begins and the truth comes out : it’s a she, Foussard’s daughter Danielle. She’s arrested, and John free to go. Frances reveals her feelings for him, he confesses loving her back. THE END.

This movie is great for many reasons. Besides the decor and the actors who are incredible, it’s also the message it spreads. Indeed, it talks about the fact that people can change. John was a thief but he found redemption and love. Everyone thought he was guilty, prejudice is always upon us. It’s normal to be cautious when it comes to people, it’s normal no wanting to reveal our true selves, we are afraid of being weak. But sometimes it good to let go, to stop with the  » what if « , and to believe that happiness exists. Everything isn’t black or white. Only we have power on our lives. The film talks about corruption, money, human nature, love, secrets, and how we decided to live. Just because we’ve made bad choices doesn’t mean we are bad people. We don’t have to feel guilty all the time about the misery of the world and the darkness of human nature. We shall believe. Choose hope and trust and truth over everything else.


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