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We live in a world where 1% of the population has 99% of global wealth. Inegalities have never been so blatant. Globalization was supposed to make our world a better place which the reduction of poverty, inequalities, diseases etc… But it’s quite the contrary. Of course some parts of the globalization have their positive effects, but they are hidden by the critical situation we are living for years now. In the middle of this misery, some generous people give money to foundations. These foundations are dedicated to environment, education, welfare and so on. In today’s article I will talk about different kind of foundations, but they all have one common point : they’re ruled by notorious figures.

A few weeks ago, there was a found raising  for the Naked Heart Foundation created by the Russian model Natalia Vadianova in 2004. Her little sister has a cerebral disease sine her birth. When they were children Natalia took care of her because their mother had to work hard. Indeed Natalia was born in a poor family, away from the runways and photographs. Her foundation is dedicated to Russian children with physical and/or mental disabilities.


During the last fundraising that occurred in Paris in February. Famous people attented the event such as the model Karlie Kloss and the singer Taylor Swift. The fact that famous people where present made the event even more important by attracting the medias. It’s a way for any foundation to make people talk about them and in the process to gain money.

In the same topic, there is the Nelson Mandela Children’s found  which helps children in Africa.

It takes care of medical supplies, food, prevention of certain kind of illness… Nelson Mandela didn’t just help black poeple in South Africa to win back their dignity, he also allowed lots of children to survive, to see a future, to hope for a better life. After Nelson Mandela’s death the foundation is still in place, and had planned to keep on fighting.

Angelina Jolie doesn’t have her own foundation but she’s really committed for any kind of human actions, and that for yers. She even adopted children from place she went  during her humanitarian actions.

The actress is well known for her commitment end her love for children. The fact that her actions are related in medias is a way to make us open our eyes about what going on in the world, and eventually makes us realize that too many of us are suffering, dying, because of diseases we thought were eradicated. It’s important to promote prevention, vaccination and to bring them what they need to heal. If you are not aware of dangers you can’t prevent them. So it’s important to go in these countries, to talk to people, to explain to them how to economies water or how to prevent contagion. But we also learn a lot from them. They have a way to see life, they know what’s it worth, how hard it’s to stay alive, and most important they value human being.

Bill Gates and his wife also have their foundation ( with all the money they have it’s the least they can do ).

 This foundation touches lots of domains : education, global health, and promotes development. It’s important to put in place structures that will allow these countries to evolve. Indeed helping them is an honorable goal, but it’s crucial to see each action in a long term. For exemple bringing them water is not enough, we have to set tap water.

In a different subject, Lady Gaga has founded the Born this way foundation in 2012.

It’s aim is to help young popel to feel more comfortable with themselves, ro fog jet against racism, homophobia, sexism etc… Indeed there are too many teenagers and young people in general who are lost, who don’t know who they are or are not accepted for who they are. They are ashamed of being gay, poor, too fat or too skinny. Lots of people kill themselves and it’s horrible to know that we do this to each other. We are mean for no reasons. We should help each other instead of torturing our siblings. There is so many misery and violence in this world, it’s unbearable to see that instead of preventing that we are increasing it.

In a totally different topic there is the Louis Vuitton Foundation created by Betnard Arnault.

This foundation has been created in order to promote culture and to allow artists to expose their pieces. With all the money the LVMH group owns, the foundation can allow a huge building with a modern architecture, and set up big events with lots of notorious figures. During the Paris fashion week, the Louis Vuitton show was in the LV Foundation structure. It was an open window for it and a way to attract the public to visit the foundation and discover new artists. It’s a way to promote creation, imagination and innovation. I believe it’s crucial to entertain human creation, especially nowadays where procrastination is queen. We seat all day long and wait instead of creating, exploring.its our duty as human beings to help each other, to think of what could make our lives easier and our world a better one.

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