Italian do it better ! Part three : Evereything else. 

This article is the last part of my  » Italian do it better  » serie. I will talk about random things, but I will organize my article depending on the topics.

To begin, we all agree to say that Italy is rich for its artists. During the Renaissance, Italy was one of the most influential country in Europe, and even in the world. Indeed, Italian art was the center if everything. There was Leonardo Da Vinci, famous for his Joconde which is exposed in Le Musee du Louvres in Paris. There is Michelangelo Buonarroti who painted the ceiling of the Capela Sixtine in Vaticano inter Alia.

I’ve visited the museum of Vatican, and when I was here, in this place, I felt like I was alone in the world even if I was surrounded by hundreds of visitors. It was so beautiful that it took me somewhere else. The details of the painting, their meanings, the symbols etc… The work is impressive. There were also Italian writers, my favorite one is Niccolò Machiavelli who wrote Il Principe in 1532. I loved this boom because it talks about how to take power, but most important : how to keep it.  » The end justifies the mean  » he said. It opens a debate : what’s legitimate and what isn’t ? In which extend are we allowed to do certain things and not others ? Can the prince use force to maintain his status ? I really recomand this book, it’s not really easy to read, but it’s a piece that makes you think.


Italian cinema is appreciated and worldly recognized. When I was in Roma I’ve visited Cinecittà and my god I loved it ! These studios are so amazing and the decor was so realistic ! It’s like if you were in Roma 2 000 years ago ! The realisator Fellini made lots of his films in these studios, including La Dolce Vita with Anita Ekberg.


The new James Bond is actually being filmed in these studio, with Daniel Craig as 0077 and the beautiful Monica Belluci as a Bond girl.

Italy is rich when it comes to actors, Monica belucci is one of my favorite one, but Sofia Lauren is to me THE Italian icon in the cinema industry. I also love Marlon Brando, especially in he Godfather. Plus, Italy is famous for its mafia haha ! Well it’s not really funny because they are criminals but hey, it’s better to laugh than to cry !

Italy is also very famous for its designers. Italy is a country where craft ship is very important. There are lots of artisans with a precious Savoir Faire. Italy is rich in leather, so many artisans make shoes and bags. There are also lots of tailoring. These articles are quite expensive because they require time, talent and experience. Besides those artisans who most of the time have one little boutique, there are many famous designers :


These are just a sample of Italian creators, they are so many I can’t post a photo of each one of them haha. There is also the fashion week in Milano which is a window for Italian’s culture, architecture and craftsmanship.

Italy is also well known for its macho men and the Italian mamma who overprotect everyone and cares a lot about cooking.


It’s a little bit cliche but still true. I’m half Italian and I can tell you that in my Italian side of the family women cook and men are sitting ! I can’t bear that in our supposed evolved society but this behavior is anchored in their culture. I found this photo of Madonna for D&G and I thought it was just perfect :

Everything is well thinking : the decor, the outfit… It’s typically an Italian kitchen ! Tomatoes and a glass of red wine, la mamma who has curves, a cross because the majority of Italian are attached to religion. Italian woman is strong. It’s not because she’s in her  kitchen that she’s submitted. At the contrary, she speaks loud, when she has something to say she does, and trust me it’s always the case.

To finish , Italy is also well known for its singers. I love Andrea Boteccelli !

His voice, his strength, it gives me goosebumps !! There are lots of Italian artists with this kind of voice, they sing love songs, the story of a life…

It was very important to me to share with you what I believe makes Italy what it is. A funny country where everyone speaks loud, eats, loves, creates, shares… It’s family on top of everything, then comes hardwork. They values human, commitment, many things we have forgotten about. Of course there are people like Mussolini or Berlusconi who are not a model for human integrity, but all country has his dark hours. So if you ever get the chance to go in Italy just do it ! You will probably take 10 pounds but you will be back with 10 tones of good memories.




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