Italian do it better ! Part two : Patrimony. 

After the article dedicated to food, I’ve decided to write this one about the Italian patrimony by talking a little bit about Antiquity, then about the main cities in Italy. I’m not going to talk in details about Italian history and the creation of the Roman Empire, but I think that Italy is rich in history so I wanted to share a little bit of it with you.

According to the myth, the city of Rome was founded on the 21st April 753 BC, on the Mont Palatin across the Tiber, by Romulus. Across the years, people have invented a story : the legend of Romus and Romulus. According to the legend, the God Mars fell in love with a mortal, and from their union were born twins. The mother was comvicted and her sons condemn to be thrown in the Tiber. But a she wolf found them and raised them. Once they’ve grown up, they decided to built a city. But this soon became a battle : which one of them is the strongest one ? Romulus eventually killed his brother, power can’t be shared.

Rome was, and still is, the epicenter of Italy. But Italian territory wasn’t the same as the one we know it today. Indeed, Roman Empire was one of the greatest that ever existed.

Look at this ! Roman have conquered half of Europe, the north of Africa, some Arabian countries and even Persia. Roman were well known for their militarian strategy, based on a hierarchical corp (soldier, centurion…), obedience, order and stoicism. It was very well organized, and well armed too. Moreover, roman Generals were quite powerful and strategic. For instance Julius Caesar, the most famous one. He was boron in 100 BC and murdered by a group of rebellious in 44 BC. He became emperor in 49 BC.

During antiquity, Italy, especially Rome, was famous for its precious materials. Pieces were made with gold, rich families had clothes made with fine fabrics, their mirrors, jars, glasses, orfevrerie etc… Were made of precious metals. Details were hand made, paintings, books, sculptures, moisaics and so on ! It was culturally rich.

Nowadays, Rome is still a beautiful city, with the remains if the past. Ruins are carefully conservated, and people from all around the world come here to visit this city full of history.

You can walk between those ruins, it feels like if you were centuries ago, it’s like letting go the present, forgetting about all the pressure of modern age, and step into an ancient peaceful world. Architecture is so beautiful. It’s incredible to see what human hands can do and how stone resists through the age.

Let’s drop a piece in the Fontana de Trevi ! Or walk across the Colosseo like gladiators !

But it’s not just all about Rome. Florenza,Venezia are marvelous cities ! Florenza is rich when it comes to art, literature, paintings … And Venezia we’ll, I don’t need to talk about this magic romantic city !


And the sun ah the sun of Sicilia or the city of Capri !


Look at these colors , blue sky and clear water ! You can picture Italian little restaurants, people sitting outside laughing and talking loud, drinking ristrettos and eating gelato ! The warmth of the sun, walking across the sea, it’s heaven !

I don’t know if you ever went to Italy bit I really recommend it to you if you have this opportunity ! I know it can be complicated to organize a trip but really, at least consider the idea of going there. It worth it, it’s an experience that I believe is culturally and personally enriching. So don’t waste an other minute !


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