Trend of the summer 

Yesterday it was the first day of spring. At least it was supposed to be, because I don’t know what was the weather whenever you are, but where I live it was rainy all day long ! As water was falling from the sky and freezing my bones, I was dreaming about the sun, a blue sky, the beach, trying to remember the feeling of the heat on my skin… Then I’ve started to thought about what I could wear this summer, I know that we still are on March, but I’m so eager to be in summer that I’m already thinking about holidays. So as I was wondering what clothes I would wear when the sun will show, I remembered what I saw on the catwalks during the feast ion week. And what hit me is the come back of the 70’s style.


Yeah it can seem crazy at first sight, I was skeptical too. But as I was watching fashion shows and reading fashion magazines, I’ve opened my mind to this trend, and accepted the idea to at least try the look. The thing is to wear 70’s pieces, but in a modern way. Don’t play the total look. For exemple, if you want to wear large pants wear them with high heels, a modern bag, contemporary jewels, a sophisticated make up and a fluid blouse.

  This is the kind of look that rocks for the summer. Indeed, pants are short, they’re more like culottes, and the combo stilettos / leather perfecto is a perfect way to modernize the look.

 I also love this look, I think it’s simple, classy and elegant. You can wear it at work or for a diner. Play on the make up and accessories to adjust the look depending on the occasion.

You can find fun 70’s pieces at different prizes. I was inspired by Stella McCartney and Miu Miu, but let’s be honest : it’s more than expensive ! But haute couture shows inspire pret a porter brands, so you can find equivalent on Asos, at Zara and stores like that.

     Miu Miu really went back to the 70’s and I think it’s quite funny ! To wear the total look you need guts, but you can have the bag for exemple and wear it with denim jeans, or a nice simple dress.

Talking about jeans, Stella McCartney new collection revisits flare jeans.

  A pair of jeans like that flatters every silhouette, and it will always be fashionable. It a piece to have in your closet such as the LBD. Like large pants, wear it with high heels, a cool blouse like this one :

  A pair of sunnies, a silky scarf, a frangy bag, and you’re ready to walk along the French Riviera !

You also have the mix between denim and large pants :

 This is also from Stella McCartney. It’s not easily wearable and it doesn’t suit every shapes, but if you feel it go for it !!

Here are some pics that might inspire you and help you to adopt this 70’s trend without looking tacky :

 You can notice the come back of franges, the round buckle of the pants are 70’s inspired such as the fabric of the top, and the shape of the camel dress is totally retro.

 I love those looks too, especially the third one. The Vichy pattern makes me think of Brigitte Bardot. You can wear this kind of outfit with wedges and cat eye sunnies. On the first picture the model is wearing denim shorts, so denim is definitely trendy this summer. The white shirt has an old inspired shape ( it makes me think of what musketeers used to wear ) which cuts off the roughness that a total denim look can have. The dress in the middle is colorful and fluid. The mix of patterns is risky, but in this case it totally works. It makes me think of coral, waves, it’s the kind of dress that you can wear along the beach with a straw hat and a straw tote bag.

So now that you have all the informations and tips on how to adopt this 70’s trend, there are no excuses for not adopting it ! My last advice would be to personalize your look, it’s important to stand out, otherwise everyone would look alike. It requires taste and experience to follow fashion without falling into déjà vu and in the end looking like everyone else. So feel confident, empower yourself, and you will be able to wear anything, no matter if it was a la mode 10 years ago. Of you have the sense of style, you will never be old fashioned.



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