Everything comes to an end 

As Paris fashion week is ending, I wanted to write an article about my favorite show which was the Chanel one. 

Many articles have been written about this show, not surprising, it was amazing !  Of course many shows were incredible, but when I saw this one I was stunned. Everything was beyond my expectations : the location, the decor, the models, clothes, accessories, make up…! It was located in the Grand Palais, which is one of the greatest monument in Paris. It was decorated as if it was a brasserie. As a Tribute to Gabrielle Chanel, it was named Brasserie Gabrielle. Coco. 

Chanel is my favorite designer, she’s my icon, and I admire her for what she did in favor of woman emancipation. Indeed, by creating clothes which were different, she allowed woman to empower. They could wear shorter dresses, shirts, pants or blazers, clothes which were dedicated to men. At the time it was shocking. Plus, I love her for her relevant quotes about fashion, woman, society, identity… She understood everything. 

Anyway, let’s  go back to the show !  

Everything was done à la française : the food with croissants, pains au chocolat, pains au raisins, jus d’orange etc… Plates, napkins, glasses and so on were stamped  » Brasserie Gabrielle « . Every single detail was measured, nothing was left behind or forgotten. It gave the space a credibility and a coherence, like if a movie was being made ! 

Some male waitress were models such as Baptiste Giabiconni, and female models were acting like if they were ordering something ( or kissing a nice guy ).  

The audience was sitting around, as if they were having dinner, especially the VIPs who were sitting front raw. Before and after the show they could actually eat. The show occurred in the morning, so a lot of people took their breakfast before the show, at the show ! Not only was I amazingly surprised by the decor and the heinous idea Karl Lagerfeld had to stage his show this way, but clothes were beautiful too !! 

This is just a sample, every outfit was beautiful. Including jewels, make up, accessories and so on ! I think you get it : I fell in love with the whole thing !!! It’s all that I love : elegance, refinement, grace, une touche française, and the idea that woman can wear everything they want, they have the power to do so, to feel beautiful and confident. 

At the end of the show, Karl Lagerfeld was strongly applauded, and it was deserved ! He did an amazing job : organization, creation, invention, innovation, design… I think that Madame Chanel would have been happy to see what her Maison became. She died many years ago, but the soul the Maison is still here. That’s what happen when talented people create things : it’s timeless. 

That is why I love fashion, especially haute couture, that much. It makes me believe that everything is possible with faith, work and determination. I hope that one day I will be able to be in this world, to know how it feels like to be a part of it. I’m tired if being behind screens, looking at the photos of show, fashion designers or models interviews, fashion bloggers who have the chance to attend to every fashion weeks and meet all the people I want to meet for years ! Each time it’s the same thing : I am super exited about fashion week, but also very sad because it reminds me of all I want and all I don’t have. But I won’t give up ! I won’t stop believing that one day maybe I will achieve my dream in the fashion world ! Until then, I’ve chosen to keep on smiling ! 


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