Tips and tricks 

Today I wanted to share with you some random tips and tricks that you might have heard about, and some other might seem ridiculous but they can change your life ! 

Make up tips : 

– Use a concealer one shade lighter than your foundation. Make sure to blend it properly, you don’t want to have white halos under your eyes ! It would make you look like a a panda. 

– If you have little eyes, don’t put dark eyeliner inside your muqueuse. Choose a nude one, it will make your eyes paper wider. You can also put a light shimmery color in the inner corner of your eyes and under your brown bone. This advice can also be used when you are tired and want to look more awaken. 

– If you have thin lips, don’t put a red mat lipstick. It would make them appear thiner. You can put a little bit of foundation on your lips then redefine them with a nude lip pencil, then use a lip brush to put a nude creamy lipstick on. You can also put a shimmery gloss in the center of your lips, it will make them appear bolder. Another tip : you can put some eye lighter on your Cupid bow. 

– If you have broken nails, or short ones, use a nail polish. It would make them appear longer.  

Fashion tips : 

– If you want to look taller : 

Wear heels. Not a scoop I know. But not any kind of heels. Avoid to wear shoes that cut off your ankle. Pointy toe shoes are a good idea, they will make your feet appear longer and your legs higher.                                          Wearing black pants with a white stripe on the side of the leg is very efficient. If the pants is high waisted it’s even better. You can also wear high waisted jeans, but not skinny ones. Boot cut are your ally.                                        You can pair it with a white shirt, leaving a few buttons open, and a long necklace.                                               Making a ponytail, a chignon or a messy bun will make your neck line pop out. This will attract the eye on the high part of your body and make you instantly appear taller.                                                                                                     For the hand bag, it’s better if you choose a shoulder bag. 

– If you are not comfortable with wearing heels, choose ones with a platform and a square heel. 

– If you have large hips, high waisted pants are a good idea. Avoid to wear huge belts, it would make your hips look even wider. To play on proportions, you have to attract the eye on your waist. For exemplar, wear a straight dress and tighten it with a belt. The belt not on your hips obviously, on your waist. 

Beauty tips : 

– If you’re like me and you drink like 10 cup of tea per day, don’t throw the tea bag away ! Put it under your eyes and effectuate a massage. It will reduce your circles. Use green tea, it’s better. 

– Drinking hot water with slices of lemon and a hint of cinnamon is a tasty way to detox your body. 

– Be very careful on the products you use on your skin. Having 10 different creams for each imperfection you think your skin has isn’t a good idea. It will have the opposite effect and obstruct your pores. 

– Don’t do a facial every day. Prefer a smooth cleanser. Using clay once a week is enough. 

– Put a generous amount of cream on your hands before going to bed. It would moisturize them all night. In the morning they will be soooo soft ! Taking care of the face is good, but don’t forget your hands, lips and neck ! 

I hope this little article will help you, I will probably do another Tips and tricks article as soon as I have enough to share ! And don’t forget that feeling good about your body is about self confidence and that no cream has the power to make you feel cook with yourself. Only you can do that. 

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