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Ah winter ! This period of the year everyone is excepting ! Christmas, presents, friends, family, food, wine, New Year’s Eve, and a brand new year coming up ! Well, let’s be honest guys : winter sucks. It’s cold, humid, and everyone is having the flew. So, for my own sake, during those winter holidays I decided to keep it cool, and stayed in my warm and cosy home as much as I could. But -and that’s another beauty of winter time- days grow shorter and nights grow longer, and during the nighttime it’s complicated to do anything… So I decided to read articles about almost every single subjects, but also I enjoyed those moments when I was by myself to discover new products.

Let’s get started with fragrances !

La Panthère from Cartier is my coup de cœur of the season. It literally feels like if you were wearing their jewelry. We’ll, the packaging is a jewel. Have you seen it ? So beautiful ! When I smell it, it makes me think about a distinguish lady wearing lots of diamonds. Weird ? Yep. It’s strong and sweet at the same time, and I find this paradox fascinating.

Love by Chloé is a perfume I wore for a time, but this year I discovered Love, Chloé, L’eau intense, and I radically prefer l’eau intense ! It lasts all day long and at the end of the day it smells as good as in the morning. It’s a strong sent, but not disgusting, and it’s, in my opinion, very refined. When I wear it I feel like a working girl with a sense of fashion.

Black opium from Yves Saint Laurent is the good surprise of the season. Indeed, I hated the classic Opium from YSL, and I didn’t want to try Black Opium because I thought it wouldn’t be any different from the classic one. I was sooooo wrong ! It has nothing to do with it, nothing at all !! It’s a very sweet sent, fruity and tasty. But even if it’s not such a spicy perfume you can wear it during winter time. Yes you can. Indeed, despite this sweet side, it marries perfectly with the body and stays for a long time. So give up your prejudice and give it a try !

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